Any places I'm missing?

  1. I've been trying for a few months to find a job in DC, and now that I have my license I'm trying one last time before really looking for a job closer to home. I really want to make sure there isn't anything I'm overlooking. I've applied for every position I can find that doesn't specify experience required at each of these facilities:
    Children's National
    Washington Hospital Center
    George Washington
    HSC Pediatrics
    Virginia Hospital Center
    Holy Cross Hospital
    National Rehab Hospital
    Adventist Healthcare
    Howard County General Hospital
    Frederick Memorial Hospital
    Specialty Hospital of Washington
    Walter Reed
    And then several that are a couple of hours away, farther into Virginia and Maryland. I also applied to Georgetown last semester but am not even trying this time around, due to how much goes into their application packet and how extremely competitive that new grad program is, it doesn't seem worth putting the time into it again. Anyway, all you DC people, if you notice a place that I missed, would you mind letting me know? I want to work in DC so bad... I just can't go much longer without a job and health insurance. :P
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  3. by   1john4:10
    Suburban Hospital in Bethesda
    Montgomery General in northern Silver Spring
    Providence Hospital in DC
    Howard University Hosp in DC

    I've heard good things about the first two (Suburban is working towards Magnet status), but mixed reviews about the last two. You mentioned adventist, you may not know there's two locations - Shady Grove and Washington Adventist. I hope you find a job soon.
  4. by   RN1298
    Thank you!! I know the first 2 are not hiring new grads, but I'll check on the others. No luck yet... I'm so frustrated.
  5. by   ciku03
    Has anyone applied at Howard county general hospital RN fellowship program. I applied recently and my application status changed to "I am being considered for a position ....and will be contacted if they wish to schedule an interview..
    My question is regarding the application status and what are my chances of even being called in for an interview
  6. by   TheGirl07
    Georgetown and Doctors Community Hospital in MD
  7. by   soontobeRN01
    There is also a hospital in SE, DC called United Medical Center. They do have a few positions available on their website. Good luck!!

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