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How will you get there and who are you going with? Are there groups taking RN's and other clinicians down there? Anyone know of anything? I know the military is going, a friend of mine with a... Read More

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    I am currently on the short list to head out in the next 7-10 days. I am an LVN with 1 year experience in Med Surg and Peds. I went thru Angel Staffing as they seem to be the company thats organizing it here in South Texas.

    I hope this helps!
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    If you're interested in volunteering in Haiti, check out this website.
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    If anyone is interested in going to Haiti, here are a couple of links for paid events:


    Angel Staffing:

    International medical relief is another organization, but a nominal donation is required if you go, for transportation and supplies.

    I have applied to both angel and fastaff. I am in-between travel assignments at this time and would love to go help. I would definitely volunteer to go with IMF if they were to provide transportation to Haiti. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to go, I feel so helpless since I have the time. For anyone else wishing to go, hopefully we get the opportunity!!!
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    This may be a useful article for those interested in going to Haiti and have limited disaster experience, " Preparing Nurses to Respond to Disasters: Training Opportunities"
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    a couple of travelers i work with got an email from fastaff who were looking for RNs to go on two week assignments and i think it was paid. i looked on the site myself today but did not see anythiing that stood out directly to go to Haiti, may want to look more in depth. we donated and are still contemplating going but, i also heard that there is a lot of gang formation and that a lot of people who are trying to get over are stuck in various places because pop is just swamped. hope any of this helps...
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    Two more organizations recruiting:

    To apply to work on the USNS Comfort ship (also with a good list of vaccinations to prepare):
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    i'm a travel nurse. fastaff sent out the following email:
    attn: rn's!!!! fastaff is actively recruiting registered nurses for disaster relief in haiti . must be available to travel within 24 hours of notification from fastaff. must be available for a minimum of 2 weeks, expect to be away from home for 16 days with travel. must hold a current u.s. passport – there are no excep...tions. pay is $40.00 per hour (minimum 12 hour shifts for 14 consecutive days) overtime after 40 hours. fastaff requirements:- must have a complete application- must have a current r.n. license- must provide a current bls or cpr card- immunizations record updates – (please provide what is current) - immunizations will be provided thru staging area of deployment.

    general information:nurses will fly to san antonio for fastaff orientation and staging -nurses will be transported to a military staging area for processing of records and orientation... [color=#3b5998]see more- nurses must allow required immunizations shots to be administered at staging area-nurses will be transported within 24 hours of arrival in tx to haiti by military transport. tent and cot living conditions. mre – military ready to eat meals is likely all that will be available. must be fast paced, understand the conditions, understand that there is not a guaranteed way to leave if they cannot handle the requirements or environment. should only travel with toiletries and scrubs either call your recruiter directly or 888-337-0600.

    i told my recruiter to sign me up! i'm not sure how soon they are sending nurses out.
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    Good info about Fastaff. Thanks on behalf of those who are interested and able to respond.
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    Do you think there would be any need for graduate-nurse RNs who are awaiting taking the boards? I expect to graduate in early May. I am sure there will still be a need for nurses -- would there be a need for me if I had not yet become licensed? I really want to go.
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    Fastaff Travel Nurse agency sent out a notice...apparently paying nurses $40/hour (living in a tent city) to go there. I see they are advertising on their website, but the salary info came from a colleague that was contacted by them.

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