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Hi everyone! I have applied to UVA's CNL program for May 2013 entrance. I had my interview this past week and it went well. Now comes the hardest part.. waiting until December 20 to find out! Is anyone else out there in the... Read More

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    I'm finishing u[p at UVA right now but I am also a little older. I went back to school later in life

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    O okay cool are you in-state. I wish more people would post. It's cool to know everyone's background.
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    Are you from here Pura-Vida?
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    O that's awesome good luck! I'm from Midlothian which is a little west of Richmond. I go to school in Connecticut so I'm really hoping to be closer to home next year!
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    I love CT. My whole family lives in West Hartford, Manchester, and Glastonbury! I was born in New Haven Great State! I know where Midlothian is because I pass through Richmond every week to go to Williamsburg! What is your major? Oh and GOOD LUCK!! Two weeks seems so long
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    Wow, small world! I'm familiar with all of those towns! I love West Hartford. I'm an Allied Health major, and yes forever! I cannot PM yet because I haven't posted 15 times
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    I hope we all get in. My back-up plan is to work for a year in a healthcare setting and reapply. My heart lies with UVA and I cannot imagine working anywhere but in their Medical Center!!!
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    That would be ideal. I absolutely love UVA! So are you not applying anywhere else? It's interesting to see what everyone is doing, and a lot of people are completely switching fields I feel like. I saw somewhere that someone was coming from a business major, so there's quite the variety
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    I am coming from business! I worked in caregiving throughout college though. But yes, complete switch over. I am hoping for all of us too! (fingers crossed!)
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    O cool! That's good though; taking people from different backgrounds allows for a broader range of ideas! I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread
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