Tidewater Community College

  1. Hi All,

    I already know there's a thread for TCC; however, I decided to start a new one.

    I plan to apply in the fall. My application has been submitted and my transcripts are on the way
    I am totally excited. Is there anyone else applying this year?

    How is everyone funding their education? Due to my previous undergraduate degree, I have exhausted my financial aid. So, I will be on the payment plan God will work it out for me!

    Hope to hear from future TCC RNs

    Be Blessed guys...
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  3. by   psan2010
    Hi, I am in pre-nursing at TCC, the Norfolk campus! I used all of my GI Bill pursuing my business degree, which I finished and tried it out for 3 years, and now I am back in school as I started working in the medical field and found I really love it, although I work with animals right now and not humans!

    You already submitted your application? I am soooo confused, and everytime I sit down with a "counselor", they do not make things clear. I have had a counselor try to steer me towards classes I DON'T need, like BIO 1, arrrghhhh!

    I am in A&P 1, Developmental Psychology, and the Orientation course. Did you already have all these pre-reqs? What is the deadline for my application? I am thinking about taking my pre-reqs at TCC and then applying to as many other Nursing schools as possible.
  4. by   2bnurseforce1
    I work for sentara, so I get a scholarship for nursing school, in return i have to work for sentara for 2 years.
  5. by   psan2010
    I have never heard of that! A scholarship would be wonderful, maybe I need to get hired by Sentara!!
  6. by   NursingStudent08
    Hi Guys,

    If you have taken the SDV 101-Introduction to Health Care class at TCC, is there a book that the professor uses?
    I just enrolled in the Dynamic Session class that begins next week.

    If you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Have a blessed weekend!
  7. by   studentnurselaurie

    i'm taking micro and sdv 101 this semester and applying for the spring for the nursing program...

    i too have a bachelor's degree (in photography), so i'm on the payment plan as well, no more aid for me!
  8. by   NursingStudent08
    Ok, kool! Thanks for responding. Have you completed any other pre reqs?
  9. by   hoping2nurse
    I've taken SDV. You don't need a book and it's an easy A!

    I'm applying to TCC but also planning to apply for Sentara's BSN (if I get placed in a late cohort with TCC, I'll just hold out for Sentara). I've had Math 3, English 111 and am taking AP 1 now and will take Micro this summer; I'll apply this Sept. for early admission for the Fall '11. I already have my BA in English so I have the majority of general ed classes. I am just lacking the math and science requirements so that's what I'm working towards.

    You don't have to have all 3 sciences done before applying - just 2 of the 3 and if you don't have high school chem, one needs to be Micro.

    Here is the website:

    Good luck! I wish I could push fast fowards and get things going more quickly, but slow and steady wins the race, I suppose!
  10. by   NursingStudent08
    Ok, thanks for the info.

    I plan to apply in September as well. Prayerfully, I will have the 9 points needed by then.
    My plan is to complete Micro this summer then A&P I in the Fall. If that doesn't work then I will
    definitely be ready in 2012! I am just excited to have gotten this far. I've been talking
    about Nursing school for about 8 years now...never really pursued it!
    I am just thankful for the strength to complete the general AdmissionApplication for TCC

    I can't wait to finally begin Nursing School! I am ready for the hard work and long nights
  11. by   virgolove34
    I'm applying by the December 1st deadline. I've already taken English and am now in SDV and Bio 141. I'll probably take Bio 142 or 150 in the summer. Goodluck.
  12. by   NursingStudent08
    Quote from virgolove34
    I'm applying by the December 1st deadline. I've already taken English and am now in SDV and Bio 141. I'll probably take Bio 142 or 150 in the summer. Goodluck.
    What do you think aout BIO 141...hard, easy, challenging? I plan to take it in the Fall.
    To give myself a little boost, I borrowed A&P for Dummies from a friend. It's an intersting read thusfar.
  13. by   Graduate2010
    Hi my fellow nurse and nursing students! I'm in need of help. I'm a Studen Practical Nurse 3mths from graduating and planning for my RN. I have tod say I'm 37 and really wished I had started on my pre-reqs sooner. Anyway..... wanted to know about my planned schedule for taking pre-reqs. Is this a doable schedule? My goal is to start my evening RN program next July. I have 17mths to complete 8 classes. You think I can make it? All my classes will be taken at TCC. Did I mention I work full time. Take a look at what I plan to take:

    SUMMER: 10wks
    Chem (3)
    Math (3)

    Fall: 16wks
    Eng 111 (3)
    Developemental Psych (3)
    Intro Soc (3) **Online** (hopefully)

    Spring: 16wks
    A/P w/Lab (4) **Need A/P I & II**.....only taken A/P I
    Intro Psych (3) ** Online**

    Summer: 10wks
    Micro w/Lab (3)

    This is just a tenative plan to try to meet my goal. Any suggestions? I'm kinda of on a time restraint. I would like to be in the next class come July 2011.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. by   hoping2nurse
    What chemistry are you taking? I would switch that to the fall and take English this summer... More time for that one. You can take MANY, if not all (except labs) online. I would recommend going that route. Do you have kiddos?

    Good luck!