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Hey guys, I just finished the last pre-requisites needed for the Traditional BSN program at Sentara. The application deadline is June 8 and I'm applying as soon as I get my final grades from this semester at TCC. Sentara now... Read More

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    Hey all, I am interested in applying for Sentara's BSN program beginning in 2014 (yikes, seems like forever from now!) After reading a bunch of posts on allnurses, I am still kinda lost haha. I realize this is a new program (in regards to the BSN) and they are changing things up every application term. I just want confirm what is needed for admission into the 2014 program. I have an AA degree, so I will be applying as a second-degree applicant. I believe the pre-reqs are: Anatomy and Physiology I & II w/ labs, Chem w/ lab, Statistics, Eng Comp I & II, and Develop. Psy. Can anyone clarify if I need to have all of these courses completed BEFORE I apply? Also, will they accept any other PSY courses (I have taken a few but not developmental?) I am also aware that Microbio is also required but according to the website, must be completed by Jan 2014.

    As far as grades go, I have A's in Anat I, Eng2, Stats, Chem and a B in Eng1. I also have an A in Intro to Psy (unknown if they will accept that credit in replacement of develop. psy.) I am currently enrolled for Microbio and Anat2 for Fall 2012 and of course hope to Ace those! My pre-req gpa looks pretty good as of right now but my overall college/university gpa is around a 2.75 So I am worried it will hinder my acceptance into any program. Hopefully Sentara places a STRONG emphasis on pre-req GPA only

    I am also considering applying to Tidewater Community College or Thomas Nelson Community College if I am not accepted into Sentara's program. Sentara is my number one choice since it is a BSN degree and is now accreditted by the CCNE, which is important if you ever plan on furthering your nursing career. TNCC and TCC only offer associate degrees which can be completed in about 18 months, while Sentara is about 2.5 years to complete but you come out with a bachelors degree.

    Another random question: From what I understand, TNCC and TCC both will look at applicants living in counties around the schools, then other VA domicile residents, and THEN out-of-state students (which I am coming from Florida.) Does this apply towards Sentara as well? Also is Sentara private or public?

    Exactly how competitive is Sentara's new BSN program? And would it be possible to take my TEAS V exam here in Florida or does it have to be an approved site in Va? Sorry for the ridiculous amount of questions, anything will help!


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    Hey Christina!

    Yes, you will need to complete those 7 pre-requisites before you apply for the program. Microbio is a pre-requisite also, but you don't need to complete it before you apply. Like it says on the SCOHS site, you can complete that course before January 2014. Since you're a 2nd degree applicant, they unfortunately will not accept any other PSY courses. You'll need to complete DEV PSY before you apply.

    Your pre-requisite grades are pretty good! Unfortunately, 2.75 overall college GPA is pretty low for nursing programs. BUT just your luck, Sentara only focuses on those 7 main classes Also your TEAS Test score, so make sure you do well on that. I applied for the 2013 start date, but I didn't get accepted because of my TEAS Test score. I would've gotten in if I had done well on the test.

    I also considered TCC, but I decided that Sentara would be a better choice because you graduate with a BSN degree. I know a majority of hospitals in most states prefer/require BSN degree holders. Plus, TCC is VERY unorganized and I know the program has a crazy wait list.

    I'm not sure if that applies for Sentara as well, you'll have to speak with them about that. Also, Sentara is a public college. Just like any nursing programs, Sentara's BSN program is competitive. Like I said before, they mostly look at those 7 main classes and your TEAS test score. The better your GPA is on those 7 classes and the better your TEAS score is, the greater your chances of getting accepted into the program. As for the TEAS exam, I'm not sure if you can take it in Florida. You will have to speak directly to them about that.

    Hope I answered some of your questions! Let me know if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to come and ask me. Good luck and hopefully we BOTH get accepted!

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    Thanks so much for your help! You have definitely answered some of my questions! I have just e-mailed a copy of my unofficial transcript, so it is in the review process. Hopefully one of my courses taken will fulfill that developmental psy requirement. I was told a few classes would replace that including human growth and development (which I took but got a C in; it might be worth me taking dev. psy just so it doesnt drop my pre-req gpa!)
    On Sentara's website I have found differences in the requirements for traditional second degree applicants. One page says Comp I & II are required and another page does not have them marked with (*) meaning we need those courses. I have taken the classes reagrdless but am wondering if they wil factor into my pre-req gpa or not.
    And as far as Sentara lookin at pre-req grades and gpa......woooooohoooooo! I have looked at schools around the virginia beach area and Sentara is looking better everyday. The BSN degree sold me and the fact that I may able to be accepted with only a pre-req gpa brings a huge smile to my face
    I'll posts any updates!
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    I just thought I would post my scores, maybe to compare. I did get accepted to the traditional BSN for Nursing program at Sentara for the Jan '13 start date. I have a 3.8 total GPA and have scored mostly A's with a B in Microbiology and A&P II. However, my TEAS score was only an 80% with my best scores in Math and Reading. I hope this helps.

    I am taking the Care Partner program starting Aug. 27th. If anyone else is let me know. I am excited to meet some classmates!
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    Quote from butterflybrandi21
    I just thought I would post my scores, maybe to compare. I did get accepted to the traditional BSN for Nursing program at Sentara for the Jan '13 start date. I have a 3.8 total GPA and have scored mostly A's with a B in Microbiology and A&P II. However, my TEAS score was only an 80% with my best scores in Math and Reading. I hope this helps.

    I am taking the Care Partner program starting Aug. 27th. If anyone else is let me know. I am excited to meet some classmates!
    Thank you so much for the feedback! I currently have a 3.2 total GPA and since I'm planning on retaking some classes, it'll hopefully go up to at least a 3.6 total GPA. As for the TEAS test, I'm mos def aiming to get an 80 or higher.

    Good luck on the CP program! I took it in May and I'm now certified. I'm thinking off working as a CP to get some experience. Also, I'm still selling my CP scrubs and book. Let me know if you're interested!

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    I can confirm that they do place a high emphasis on the TEAS test, I am in the current senior class and there were a few people who I met in my health assessment class at Sentara (they used to have you start taking some of the classes online before you were officially admitted into the nursing program, don't know if they have changed that) who did not make it in or get off the wait list because of their TEAS test. Yes, you will almost definitely have to take developmental psych, but they don't much care when or how, so pay a couple hundred bucks and take it online at a community college, just knock it out In the past they have always been real sticklers about pre-reqs. For example, they used to require that EVERYONE take public speaking. I had a previous B.A. degree and previous career as a teacher, so I went to them and said "I'm a teacher, I basically do public speaking for a living, could you maybe take my education classes and use those to count for my public speaking class?" NOPE. Huge waste of time and money to have to take public speaking at the local community college (where we met four times and I gave three speeches totaling less than 10 minutes of speaking time). But oh well, I got in and now I'm almost done, yay! (The next year they eliminated the public speaking requirement for second-degree applicants...arghh)
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    My daughter just got in the first tier waiting list for Sentara's January 2014 BSN program. Does anyone know realistically if she stands a chance? Any history of how many wait listed people end up getting in? She opted to stay on the list and roll over her application for the next year.
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    Recently I have been struggling with grades and Teas scores. I am driving myself crazy. I am 52 yr. old and the stress is making me eat. I wanted to apply to Sentara for the traditional BSN program. Excited after meeting with one of the advisors at an information session, I set off on a mission to complete the prerequisites. I have straight A's in all except Statistics and Chem, where I received a C in both courses. I studied and studied for the Teas exam, however I only achieved a score of 47.9% on the exam with my lowest score in Reading Comp which was baffling to me as reading is one of my strong points. Idk what happened there, I do believe my nerves got the best of me because I was unable to focus during the entire exam, coupled with personal issues I had a lot going on. Unfortunately, upon receipt of my Teas scores I decided not to apply for the Traditional BSN entry date of January 2014. Since making this decision, I have been feeling defeated and have begun looking into another passion, Interior Design, when a friend reached out to me and informed me that President Bush was a C student and made it to the White House. My friends question to me was how does one go from a desire to nurture the sick and shut in to designing wall treatment. He informed me that I was giving up and settling for what would ultimately become an unsatisfying life choice. After much consideration, I decided that he was absolutely correct in his affirmations. My desire to become a successful RN is renewed and I am moving forward with my initial career choice. I may not be a Sentara student today but in the near future I will be.

    Just wanted to share my story with the hopes that it might resonate with someone reading this post and in need of a little motivation.

    Have a great day and congrats to all who were accepted to the 2014 entry date.
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    You are amazing, Ms. G! If nursing is your passion, it's because God put that passion in you, and He will enable you to see it through. You should be very proud of yourself for not giving in to discouragement! Best of luck to you.. You rock!
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    Hey, guys I was thinking about applying to Sentara's program. I am from Northern Virginia, so I was thinking about GMU but it's very competive, not that I don't think Sentara's program isn't, but I feel like I might have a better shot at getting into a BSN program if I apply at more than one. I am going to call the school, I still have at least a years worth of classes I still need to take(prereqs for different programs), so I am far from ready to apply to any program. I noticed that it says Health, Medical, Bio or Social Ethics (3 credits) as a prerequisite, do you think philosophy, pharmacology or medical terminology count would count?(pharm and med term are prereqs for NVCC's program and philosophy I am doing to fulfill humanities).
    Also does anyone have any recommendations for a living situation, such as areas (cities/apartment complexes,ect..) I should look for, for a roommate on craigslist. I want the area to be relatively safe, affordable, and close to the school(hopefully not asking for too much!!).

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