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Hello all! I am applying to Riverside in Newport News in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone else on here is doing the same or have done so? I am even interested in hearing from those that are in the program or have... Read More

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    Kelzfuturenurse...when are you taking the TEAS V?
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    I have no clue! I'll be done with A&P 2 in a couple weeks so I'll complete and turn in my application packet. So I'm assuming it will probably be mid May by the time I take the TEAS V.
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    Ahhh ok! I take mine this upcoming Wednesday (the 24th)! I will submit my application after that. Good luck to you!
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    That's right, you said that you take it on the 24th. Well good luck to u! Keep me posted!
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    Ahhhh it's tomorrow!!
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    You will be fine! Relax and just keep an eye on the clock. Good Luck!
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    I noticed you mentioned that you plan to apply to the program "after" you take your TEAS. I wasn't aware that was an option. I was told by the admissions dept. that they schedule your test date after they receive your completed application. Just wondering.... BTW good luck and blessings your way today.
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    It's not an option from the school, but I applied to another school (LPN) and wanted to see my score before I applied to Riverside. I figured if I failed the TEAS V, it would be a waste of money on the second application. BUT, I passed and my score was high enough to get into the RN program, sooo if I get into the LPN program I applied to I will take it, if not I will continue my pre-requisites and next year I will apply for the RN program at Riverside and the BSN program at Sentara.
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    Okay, that's a good idea. Good luck today! Let us know how it is, I a preparing to take it soon too.
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    Hello! Which program are you applying to? I am also applying to Sentara so I set it up with them and was told by riverside I would just need to have ATI send them my scores after I take it. Thank you guys! I'm hoping to score in the 90's...but we will see.