No nursing shortage in Central VA

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    Hello there, just wanted to post info and maybe get some common feedback about the lack of all nursing positions(CNA, LPN, and RN) in the heart of VA. I've found that although there are new job postings in the newspaper and on the internet, myself and others are applying their tails off for weeks and no interviews whatsoever, not so much as a simple "Thank you for applying" e-mail.With about 5 local colleges in the area, new grads are finding it hard to ease into local positions. I'm guessing about 600 new RN grads a year, and about 100 LPN grads and maybe 50-75 CNAs a year, where do they all go? What if a new grad doesn't want to re-locate out of Lynchburg? Should they rethink a career path in nursing for it? I know some highschool grads have. The area is so well-saturated, i've heard it has brought a local RN's pay down, because there is no demand. Its a sticky situation that needs to be brought out of gossip and into the public.

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    i'm noticing the same problem here in richmond!

    it's ridiculous.

    i've been an LPN for 7 years now and when i first graduated, i could get jobs ANYWHERE -- on the floor at ANY of the richmond hospitals, and in MANY different departments - ER (richmond community), anesthesia dept. (st. mary's), ICU (at retreat hospital as long as you were in RN school), etc.

    and i know so many LPNs before me could really work in ANY part of the hospital and now have to work anywhere BUT the hospital.

    but now .. there are like 2-3 positions up for any of the hospitals and the positions are strictly for clinic or LTC/assisted living. it's really annoying.

    and even the positions that are up very few and far between.

    i too wonder where everyone goes after they have graduated. for some people -- LTC/assisted living is not what they're interested in. it's a shame.

    i live in richmond -- and every week i look in the paper .. very few jobs are available.
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    Ive never been to Richmond, but i have been past it, and it looks like a well-populated area. That's what makes it so sad. We just have to have faith that God will steer the nurses with the real hearts in thier professions in the right way to where we want to flourish our care, because let me tell ya, all the ladies going into nursing b/c they've heard by word of mouth its a well-paying, stable job in this economy are about to have a SERIOUS wake-up call here in the next few years. And that's just all there is to it, no matter what excuses they can combine b/c in the end, it's not going to be about the money, or the glittery travel opportunities( be a flght attendant for heaven's sake, don't put Pt's lives and emotions at risk b/c you want to lay on a beach) it's going to be about a real, TRUE nurse's heart to want to do this.

    Im sure there are nursing shortages in America. Not here and for anyone reading this, years of experience is what makes you special in a job pool, not A's, or the fact that you were President of some club in nursing school, hell, references ain't nothing anymore!Think about it
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    well, that's all very true!

    i have a few friends who honestly only chose nursing for the money. that's it. didn't want to touch a single patient, could care less about the art/science of nursing. very sad. they're pretty miserable and are that way to the patients too. it's awful. at least one of my friends has completely left the nursing field b/c of this issue.

    i can't understand how anyone could go to school to do something they truly were not interested in and liked the actual work.

    the ones who strictly did it for the money or travel or whatever lame reason .. will leave in a year or two anyway .. thus leaving us with more jobs to choose from!
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    I know the area pretty well so I went to the BON website and did a little research. You said five nursing schools so I assume you are talking about Lynchburg and Charlottesville. For these two towns the RN and LPN nclex taker/pass numbers are half what you state. I think there are many more CNA grads than you state but then again I don’t know any unemployed CNAs …. This is not a whole lot of coverage for an area with a population base of 300ishK. And there is very little health care service available in the rural areas just outside these small towns so I think it's inaccurate to call a no-shortage in an area where you might need to survive a 45 minute drive to the nearest hospital in case of an accident or if you have a heart attack, etc., etc.

    Wages in Central Va certainly have never been all that high for anyone – and of the few who are making big bucks I’m guessing very few of them are nurses. People choose or stay in central va for the lifestyle – people who want bigger money and more big name options trade in the lifestyle for metropolis – DC, NYC, etc., etc.

    Your post seems to indicate that you’ve been applying online. For a small town/rural job search you probably need to mix that up a bit and apply in person or by snail mail and use the phone as well. People are a lot more likely to pick up the phone and talk to you than they are to answer an email (don’t ask me why but it just is that way). Keep in mind that telecommunications infrastructure is not good especially in the outlying areas so email tends not to be the primary means of communication anyway. Also talk to people about your search. The area is small enough that you can do this and get good referrals. It takes patience but if you keep at it you’ll find something. Hang in there and good luck.
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    Quote from CherryBlonde
    Im sure there are nursing shortages in America. Not here and for anyone reading this, years of experience is what makes you special in a job pool, not A's, or the fact that you were President of some club in nursing school, hell, references ain't nothing anymore!Think about it
    I think your response is a little rude considering most new grads don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to "years of experience" All we have are our grades and recommendations from our nursing instructors. So what do you suggest for new grads with no experience that truly want to be nurses, and not for the money?
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    im a atudent and yes it sucks, and no it wasnt rude b/c im in that boat
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    sorry, worded that last post too quickly, sorry it wasnt meant rude bc im a student too and it just angers me about what ppl are saying about our future careers. and for the statistics, put all RN students in the area now in an auditorium room and then look at job openings whether it be by word of mouth or any other source, it sucks. Ppl just dont want to hear the awful truth and lets hope Obama makes his change for Americaredbeathe
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    Cherry-I am sorry that you are frustrated, nursing is no easy battle and I can't imagine having problems finding a job on top of graduating school and passing the NCLEX. I only hope the hiring freezes are lifted once I graduate in 2 years from now.
    The only reason why I was offended is because I have wonderful grades and hope that my grades and recommendations will help be find a job in the future! The only reason why it is not working right now is because there aren't enough jobs available.
    Try to keep your head up. When do you graduate?
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    Grades are great in school only, recommendations will help at local hospitals maybe. No interviewer is going to be sitting there reviewing your grades in looking at hiring you hence why they have the NCLEX to show you have the basics down.

    Best of luck to you in your search, if the hiring freezes continue people will have to look at re-locating if they want better opportunities of getting hired.
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