need info about marymount's bsn program

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    I am applying to Marymount's BSN program as a transfer student for Fall 2011. I was wondering if anyone knew how competitive it is to get into this program? I took the TEAS V and I got an adjusted individual score of 86.7% but my gpa is a little low at 3.1 because of one messed up class..(not a science or anything that's even needed for nursing). Is there anyone out there that has been accepted to this program that can tell me what their grades were and also if they like being at marymount? I'm applying to a bunch of different schools but at at this point I'm liking Marymount the most and I'd love some actual experience and time there to let me know what they think. I'm from California and would love to live so near D.C.

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    Please take Marymount off of your list. It is awful and one of the worst experiences I have EVER had. They are so unorganized, very expensive for a lack of quality education, rude, unwilling to work with students, no recent hospital experience from the "professors". I could go on and on. PM me for any information. Please consider a different school.
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    Hi beverly25,

    I also applied to Marymount for Fall 2011. Have you heard anything back from them? Do you know when we're supposed to hear? I visited and really liked what I saw! The new nursing building was beautiful and everybody I have worked with in Admissions has been great so far. Are you applying to the second-degree program for people who have already completed a degree in another field or are you transferring from another undergraduate university? Let me know any other things you've heard about the program and if you're applying to other schools in the DC area!
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    I received a letter in the mail saying my application was complete a few days ago. The wait is killing me! I guess we should hear about the first round of acceptances around March 11. Oh my goodness! I just can't wait to get in somewhere! It will be such a relief!
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    So did you hear anything yet?

    I am studying nursing at Marymount too. Honestly, I am not impressed so far. It is supposed to be one of the best nursing schools in the area, but god, are they are just disorganized or what?! For such a small school, they should have their stuff together. Also, be aware that options are very limited when it comes to selecting your professors. If you're required to take a particular course, and only one professor teaches it (there are plenty of horrible professors there), you are screwed.

    I think I would have been better off, had I opted for Catholic University.
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    Thanks for the advice. I got a call from Marymount about my prerequisites. I'm finishing them this summer, but the Admissions office seemed to think that I wouldn't be done in time. But I've timed it so that I'll be done with plenty of time. So, hopefully I cleared that up for them and it won't have a negative impact on my application.

    I just got accepted at Trinity University's program. I really don't know much about it though. Have you heard about it at all?

    A lot of people have said that Marymount is 'disorganized', but what does that mean specifically? If you don't mind elaborating, that would be awesome.

    I know they just built a new and beautiful you think that has contributed to the disorganization at all?

    Thanks again
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    Congrats on getting into Trinity!!

    As for Marymount, there is an extreme lack of communication. They follow the "chain of command" when it suits them. They are basically selfish and unwilling to work with the students-which comes for the top down. The Dean of Health Professions is the DEVIL herself and is AWFUL. She puts a ton of pressure of the other faculty. I think some of the professors would actually be decent human beings if they were not so miserable.

    As for your pre-reqs, I would call and speak to the nursing dept and state that you will be done. The admissions office will not take the initiative to tell the nursing dept if it is positive. The admissions dept lost my transcript of a class I transferred in. They contacted the nursing dept and I was told I had to drop a few classes because I did not have the pre-req. I had actually sent over two copies. So I faxed an unofficial copy over and was not able to register until they received the official copy which then pushed my registration back and I was unable to get the schedule I wanted because you only have a few limited choices.

    As for disorganization, I had issues with the nursing dept. when they would lose documents (for example, my vaccine list). I would then get a threatening email that I cannot attend clinical because I did not have my vaccines. They copied my clinical instructor, the asst dean and the dean. When in reality they received everything and lost it. Make copies of EVERYTHING and do it by email so you have documentation.

    My blood is boiling just thinking of this place.
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    Congratulations on acceptance to Trinity University,

    As for Marymount, by being "disorganized", I meant the following:

    1. Last semester, our microbiology professor had an emergency and had to go to a hospital. She did not return until the last week of the semester, and she was out for 5 weeks - literally. We had no idea what was going on. Nobody communicated when she was expected to return. We were not provided an adequate substitute professor for the time being. Should I mention that our midterm grades were not entered into the system, so people had no idea what their grade was (dropping date passed at that point).

    2. This semester, they messed up our clinical schedules. Basically, there are 4 groups. Groups 1&2 go together, and groups 3&4 follow next week. Well, somehow they swapped the groups by mistake, so all of the sudden I started receiving emails how I did not complete my clinical pre reqs and such, and if I was not to submit the missing documents, I was at the risk of failing the course?! It took them 3 days to realize the mistake and clarify the situation.

    3. As someone else mentioned - they are really after your money. Now, I understand all schools are after money, but Marymount... Beware - they will try to transfer as less classes as possible, so that you take them at Marymount. This is even if the required classes you have taken are exactly same Marymount wants you to take. On a different note, when I was admitted to the school, my advisor signed me up for 12 units by default. Nonsense. The school charges the same whether you take 12 or 18. Don't let them screw you up. Take as many credits as you can for your money. If I'd listened to my advisor and took 12 units every semester, by now I'd be 10k deeper in debt.

    Beware and don't let them tell you what to do. Explore your options and ask questions.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the helpful advice and information! It's definitely a lot to think about. The nice thing about Trinity's program is that the classes are at night and so I could work at least part time. (I think I would probably only want to do part time because I want to be focused on school). Did you ever run into Trinity students when you were doing clinicals?
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    Does anybody know how many applications they received? And how big each class is?

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