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  1. germanshep

    New graduate moving to colorado please help!

    Great! Thanks for updating your original post. Congrats :)
  2. germanshep

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    Sometimes we send the blanket home if the patient has a pet, so they can smell the infant. A lot of the service/no insurance patients take as many blankets/diapers/formula/wipes they can get their hands on so they do not have to buy anything later. Sometimes the infant is too small for the car seat, so we trifold a blanket to support the head. It is frustrating sometimes because every time I see someone steal a blanket, I think, "There goes more of my Christmas bonus."
  3. Postpartum: 1. "I have to touch/squeeze your breasts." 2. "Are your nipples sore for the sucking?" 3. "I have to spread your cheeks." (hemorrhoids) 4. "I have to push on your stomach to see how much blood comes out." (fundus check) 5. "Your baby will have tar for the first couple poops." (meconium)
  4. germanshep

    postpartum care

    Postpartum care nursing varies depending on the facility. My facility is one of the largest hospitals in the county, so we probably do care differently. If the mom is a regular delivery, the couplets (mom/baby) come to our floor (postpartum) within an hour. If the baby has to go to the NICU the mom still comes over regardless. If the mom had a C/S, the couplets stay in the pacu for 2 hours. Immediately after delivery the neonatologist nurse does the apar score, assessment, vitals, etc. Then the baby sleeps for a while. The babies delivered via C/S are VERY sleeply so they sleep. In some facilities, the L and D RN does everything - high risk, antepartum care, delivery, postpartum care, step down NICU, etc. Good luck!
  5. germanshep

    How do you decompress/debrief?

    I watch terrible TV shows for an hour when I get home :) Or take a long shower/sit in the sauna/hot tub at the gym. I love to run and work out but if I am doing back-to-back shifts, I cannot work out after 13 hours then go back to work the next day. You will find what works best for you :)
  6. germanshep

    Multi-shift problem discovered during hand-off.

    Nursing is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Things get missed. Thank goodness the patient is ok.
  7. germanshep

    Working with student nurses

    I vowed to myself I will NEVER treat a student nurse like I have been treated. At the end of their day, 99.9% of them were so grateful someone was treating them like a human being.
  8. germanshep

    oh for petesake!

    Welcome to nursing. Nice we worked so hard in school to be treated like "professions." What a load of crap... The working environments are difficult right now, I think a lot of people are worried about their jobs. There is ALWAYS bad apples in the barrel who plant nasty seeds in others. Do not let them bring you down!!! I am sure they were terrible floor nurses, hence being in management now. I ask questions every shift! So do a lot of the experienced nurses. Do not be afraid to ask questions-you worked hard for your license/job. BUT it sounds like the NMNurse Educator is fine with you right now based on her comment! That is a positive :) I hope your job gets better! Tele is a hard floor to start on. I hope you feel more comfortable soon.
  9. germanshep

    Unpaid Internship

    Been there, done that with clinicals.
  10. germanshep

    Loans, loans and more loans

    OP-I feel terrible for you. I am reading some of the other posts. I guess people have not learned if you do not have something nice to say, do not say (write it). I think it is great you are seeking advice. I think you are taking responsibility for your loans and have received great advice. Student loans are soooo common. I wish you the best of luck.
  11. germanshep

    Does nursing satisfy your needs?

    OMG-you read my mind. I was going to post the SAME thing. Yesterday I was anything but a nurse. Here is what I was: 1. Secretary-one admission, one discharge, new orders, d/c orders, diet changes, med changes, etc. 2. Housekeeper-empty trash, empty linens, etc. 3. CNA-had to take my own vitals, empty foleys, etc. I had to do my bath because the lazy CNA with ONE patient was "too busy." 4. Transporter 5. Food services-we now have to take trays out of rooms 6. Lastly: a nurse and person. I got chewed out by lactation for telling a mom she had to check with the MD for breastfeeding because she was taking every med under the sun. Lactation told me it was out of the scope of my practice. Ummm, hello....what happened to being an advocate for my patient the baby)??? I did not eat lunch, use the restroom or even sit down for 2 minutes to check blood types on the mother/babies of my admission who came at shift change. I work at one of the largest hospitals in the country where almost everyone is a VIP. So basically, I am a nurse/human last because we have to have "patient sanctification" scores. I left a great career to enter nursing. My previous job did not pay well but I had great hours.....
  12. germanshep

    What is in your opinion the best shift for new nurses to work?

    You will learn a ton on any shift. So whatever shift you want!
  13. germanshep

    Should you take a job knowing your moving?

    Take the job if dialysis is where your heart is. Life happens. You will be an asset to them. Plus, a company will drop you like a fly and not be considerate of your needs when "business decisions" need to be made. Good luck :)
  14. germanshep

    Shift work and pets.

    When I was working nights, my puppy would stay up at night with my husband but would have to go in the kennel during the day when I slept; hence he would sleep during the day. This arrangement was awful for my husband...the puppy had sooo much built up energy/anxiety. He would run around like a wild dog and chew everything. We agreed my husband would meet me at the dog park on my way to work/on his way home so the dog could exercise physically. He also has "brain toys" so he can be mentally stimulated. Now that I am on days, we have a lovely dog walker :) We leave the radio on for him and sometimes the TV so he can watch animal planet. Good luck!
  15. germanshep

    Modified self-scheduling has to go (IMHO)

    I have a 6 week cycle that repeats every 6 weeks. I hate it. During the 6 weeks, we have to work 3 Fridays and 5 Saturday/Sundays. Sooo basically, I work every weekend. I would love a set schedule, or work all my 3's in a row. We have the ability to switch but no one is very willing to switch their schedules. All the other units in the hospital have self-scheduling.
  16. germanshep

    Can a nurse make the call to change a baby to soy formula?

    We can change the formula at the request of the parent. The MD typically writes the order "Feed q 3 hours with 20-30ml of supplement" if the baby is losing weight/fussy/jaundice, etc. If parents ask my opinion, I typically recommend Good Start/Good Start Soy because of the glass bottle. All the mothers on WIC request Similac. We obviously follow an order if the MD writes for a particular brand.

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