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  1. germanshep

    Have you ever been insulted for what you do?

    A patient looked at my engagement ring and asked which doctor I was marrying and when my last day working would be. Apparently people still think the only reason to become a nurse is to find a rich doctor. Yeah right.
  2. germanshep

    I feel so bad.

    I think it is very mature of you to recognize that med/surg is not for you. Good luck!
  3. germanshep

    Question for working nurses

    Sorry to be so depressing Hopefully it is different for you! Good for keeping a PRN social work job, that's great! You sound like a you will make a great hospice nurse :)
  4. germanshep

    Question for working nurses

    We have VERY similar backgrounds! I have a Master's in Counseling and had a position very similar to a Social Worker and experience in the health field at a hospital. I finished an accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing and hated every second of school. I am a tad bit older compared to the students who entered the program after their first degree. I thought I would get hired over them....I was soooo wrong. It took months and months of job searching for me while my former classmates found jobs very quickly. I had two interviews and was offered a position. I could not figure out for the life of me why people with less education, less work history, less life experiences were getting positions over me. Then I realized some HR recruiters and hiring managers were intimidated of education, work experience and life experience-they wanted to mold new grads who had little to no work experience. I am not sure if you will experience similar situations in hospice nursing. I am finding that nursing is less emotional draining compared to my previous field. I would come home exhausted. Now, in nursing my feet are tired. My advice would be to complete your final internship with a hospice nurse if that is the area you want to work in. Hopefully the market will turn around when you graduate. Stay in contact with the company/contacts you worked at and hopefully something will happen. Or during clinical, you may find another area of interest. Start applying the semester before you graduate. Good luck!
  5. germanshep

    Suburban Hospital new grads

    I am so sorry I have not replied earlier-I had no idea that people replied. @Pokytrokyt. I applied on-line but I also followed up and called HR. Ask for the Nurse Recruiter-she actually answered her phone! I know they just posted a new grad position for oncology. Apply now :) @AntMarchingRN. I totally agree! I am so excited. I will see you Monday :) What about you?
  6. germanshep

    employer wanted to try me out!

    She is using you! I doubt she will pay you legally (it may be cash). RUN!!! If you are interested in methadone clinics, I am sure places would be very happy to legally hire you. Good luck!
  7. germanshep

    snack/food idea for night shift nurses?

    Edible Arrangements. It may be expensive, however, it is delicious!!! I received chocolate-covered strawberries as a gift from students-I felt like 1/2 of healthy and 1/2 was fun.
  8. germanshep

    Dealing with emotions at work

    The chaplain is a great idea. Or a close friend. I personally would be leary telling anyone at work, even if you only share the news with one or two people-more people always find out because people like to talk. I have heard horror stories of people going through divorces, miscarriages, etc and telling a few people at work. But in a few cases, it set the ground work for termination from employers. Does your health insurance offer EPA counseling?
  9. germanshep

    Cleaner RN jobs

    The great thing about nursing is there are soooo many non-bedside opportunities (mentioned earlier). Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Other ideas is working as a Case Manager, Health Educator, Diabetes Educator, etc (some of these positions may require X amount of experience and additional certificates/education). A major nationwide health insurance company in my vicinity was hiring an RN for a great position-taking vital signs, diet management, medication education, grocery shopping, healthy cooking, etc. It sounded great. Good luck in your search, I know you will find your niche :)
  10. germanshep


    Sorry, I wish I knew more for you-I do not know anyone that works there. I know they are a for-profit facility so customer service is huge. I would emphasize the "customer service" focus of providing quality nursing care. Good luck!
  11. germanshep


    I have a rehab HealthSouth facility by my house...if it is rehab I would start to look over pain meds, dosages, Hippa, med math, wounds, etc. Prioritizing care may be included. I struggle with anxiety too...email or let the recruiter know ahead of time. Ask for extra time and a private test location (ex: empty office) so you do not feel rushed. When you begin the test, just sit for 5 minutes to gather your thoughts. You will do fine! Compared to some of the tests in nursing school and NCLEX, you will do great :)
  12. germanshep

    No job after refresher

    Does your former school (or state career office) have a career center/alumni assistance with cover letters and resumes? As a former student/alumni I can seek help with cover letter and resume writing-some months they offer it free, other months the fee is like $20. The state also has centers to help people so check to see if you qualify. Having a set of qualified eyes looking over your resume is never a bad idea. What if you removed/disabled your account with all the places you applied and redo the application process with your new resume? I know this is painstaking but it may help and will never hurt. In my neck of the woods, a recruiter stated new grads should only apply for full time positions bc the cost of training a new grad....but I have read other posts where new grads are in a prn position. Start looking for Nurse Internship programs, they will be posted soon. Good luck!
  13. germanshep

    Hiring RN's in Tampa Bay area?

    I just posted a new thread that Manatee Memorial is hiring new grads. They posted 4 positions for RN 1. Apply ASAP!!! Good luck :)
  14. germanshep

    4 new postings for RN I

    Hi FL Nurses, I know the struggle of finding a new grad job (and any job), especially in FL so I wanted to share. I saw 4 job postings for RN 1 at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton, FL (1 ER, 1 endo, 1 surgical and 1 outpatient). I wish I could apply! Have a good day!
  15. germanshep

    PA Senate Bill 802

    I just saw this article on CNN.com about School Nurses. They highlight that accidents and deaths happened without a School Nurse on site. Very interesting! http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/04/04/school.nurse.shortage.parenting/index.html?hpt=Sbin