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I am applying to Marymount's BSN program as a transfer student for Fall 2011. I was wondering if anyone knew how competitive it is to get into this program? I took the TEAS V and I got an adjusted... Read More

  1. by   windsurfer8
    All the people whining about Marymount have no idea what nursing programs are like at other schools. I graduated from MU and I have been working non stop since. I had a great experience there. Every nursing school has occasional issues with clinicals and paperwork. A major problem for people doing the accelerated second bachelors is that they are used to the "normal" experience with their first degree. Nursing school has a lot more in the field work with a lot of moving parts. Stop whining and get to it. And guess is with it. When you graduate the true test is coming with actually working.
  2. by   Medic6581
    I just got in to the Spring class at Marymount....obviously waiting to hear back from other programs, but I believe from what I've seen it's a good program. I was just super relieved to be accepted somewhere. So tired of filling out applications and blowing cash on transcripts and fees. If accelerated nursing programs are anything like accelerated medic programs, yes, there are ALOT of moving parts. Clinical rotations in OBGYN, PEDS, ER, Critical Care, ICU, Surgery, PICU, L&D and of course, the morgue...between the hundreds of hours spent on your feet, in the bus and in the classroom...I'm guessing the complainers are just a wee bit tired and frayed lol...
  3. by   beverly25
    Hey, I just started this semester at Marymount and I like it so far. My main complaint is actually just that a few of the classes I'm taking feel a little too easy..but other than that everything seems really good here so far. I also have noticed that a lot of people that got their BSN's here have come back for graduate programs or are working as preceptors for nurses...they all say that this school really prepared them for the real world of nursing so that's a huge comfort to me. I think anyone complaining about this school is just ******** for no far I haven't had any issues with paperwork..but then again, I follow through on everything and keep copies so that I would never have a real issue. Be prepared and do your **** and life will be a lot easier!!
  4. by   Medic6581
    Yeh- that sums it up-****-lol- if you can't handle the Weberian **** wait till your patient is literally covered in melena!!! Deal. It's what's for dinner.