MCI in Manassas VA

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    Hello, I am thinking of attending MCI for their LPN program. I hear its pretty expensive, but how is their reputation? Will I qualify for the same job once I graduate as LPN from a community college?

    I am already a GNA ( I stopped working a couple years ago to stay home and raise my daughter) but I still have a current certificate. If I remember correctly there were lots of LPN's that had trained at tech schools. I would hate to pay all that money and not be able to find a decent paying job.

    TIA for any help!!!

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    I'm sorry, I've never heard of MCI. I know of the tech school in Leesburg though. FWIW, Inova will be letting go of all their LPNs as of May 1st. That eliminates a lot of possibilities d/t Inova monopolizing the entire northern virginia area. It leaves LPNs with opportunities in LTC, some offices and hospitals that are a little farther out.
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    I go to MCI in Manassas you can private message me if you would like specific information
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    Thanks for the replies! I had heard about them letting go of the LPN's at the hospital. I already have my GNA so am looking forward to going back to a nursing home as a nurse!!!
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    Hi, I am very interested in info about MCI's Manassas LPN Program, and would love it if someone could give me an idea of the cost, evening program hrs. and how long it generally takes to complete? But most of all I wonder about make up classes if you have an emergency? I 'd really appreciate any info that anyone can share with me... Thanks soo much in advance.
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    um the cost now is about 30,000 . There are no make up classs if you missed over 20% of class this depends on how many hours the class is you have to retake the class. the evening hours are like 5:00 -10:30 or 11:00. The classes are now 14 months long 5 weeks for each class. hope this helps if you have any other questions you may email me or PM me
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    There are jobs for LPN's in the washington Metro area Inova is not the only hospital in the area
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    30000? For a LPN certificate?

    You have GOT to be joking...
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    Nope...I am not smiling....not even a little bit
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    Quote from laydiebuug
    I go to MCI in Manassas you can private message me if you would like specific information
    I am not sure how to send you a private message, but I am contemplating on attending this school. Can you please provide some insight for me.

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