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MCI/ECPI VABch ASN Tuition Balance Post Graduation

  1. 0 At ECPI/MCI, After you graduate, do they give you your associate degree certificate if you still owe a balance on your tuition or do they give your associate degree certificate after the full balance is paid? Will you be able to apply for work if you still owe a balance? 42K is a lot of money that is why I am asking.
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    To my knowledge school will not release transcripts or degrees until there is a 0 Balance. Even public school will not release report cards if there is any unpaid fine (IE: Library book). Well all the public schools I have seen that is.

    Your best bet would be to call the schools Cashiers office and ask them.
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    Im not exactly sure about MCI, but most schools try to work with the students.

    The school I use to attend had the students go through a graduation interview before the semester is over. They tell you exactly what money you may owe the school/loans. Then if you cant pay in full (most people cant) they come up with a payment plan with a contract to sign. For example you may have to pay the school $$$/month. They would then allow you to participate in the graduation ceremony and get your degree.

    With loans you can usually push back payment a certain amount of months. This gives you some time to get a job after graduation. But make sure you know whats going on before you sign ANYTHING. There is a lot of lil stuff that you may not know that can mess up your credit.

    I suggest calling their financial aid office, Im sure they are better help then me lol. Good Luck....Hope I helped!!
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    I am an RN student at the Newport News campus. You sign a contract when you start school. I have the GI Bill but it runs out after I hit the 13 month mark. At that point I will be working on student loans and I have to start paying that money back 6 months after I graduate. Financial Aid is pretty awesome at our school and they completely break down the whole process for you. I would schedule an appointment to sit down with them.