MCI/ECPI VABch ASN Tuition Balance Post Graduation

  1. At ECPI/MCI, After you graduate, do they give you your associate degree certificate if you still owe a balance on your tuition or do they give your associate degree certificate after the full balance is paid? Will you be able to apply for work if you still owe a balance? 42K is a lot of money that is why I am asking.
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  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    To my knowledge school will not release transcripts or degrees until there is a 0 Balance. Even public school will not release report cards if there is any unpaid fine (IE: Library book). Well all the public schools I have seen that is.

    Your best bet would be to call the schools Cashiers office and ask them.
  4. by   carebear15
    Im not exactly sure about MCI, but most schools try to work with the students.

    The school I use to attend had the students go through a graduation interview before the semester is over. They tell you exactly what money you may owe the school/loans. Then if you cant pay in full (most people cant) they come up with a payment plan with a contract to sign. For example you may have to pay the school $$$/month. They would then allow you to participate in the graduation ceremony and get your degree.

    With loans you can usually push back payment a certain amount of months. This gives you some time to get a job after graduation. But make sure you know whats going on before you sign ANYTHING. There is a lot of lil stuff that you may not know that can mess up your credit.

    I suggest calling their financial aid office, Im sure they are better help then me lol. Good Luck....Hope I helped!!
  5. by   TheCareerStudent
    I am an RN student at the Newport News campus. You sign a contract when you start school. I have the GI Bill but it runs out after I hit the 13 month mark. At that point I will be working on student loans and I have to start paying that money back 6 months after I graduate. Financial Aid is pretty awesome at our school and they completely break down the whole process for you. I would schedule an appointment to sit down with them.