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  1. registerednursing

    Norfolk fortis college

    I called Fortis and she said that they only offer the nursing program full time days and no evenings. I was sad to hear that. I am looking for a good well respected accelerated nursing program. I am going to check Hampton university and MCI. I saw somewhere that TCC and Eastern shore community college is beginning and evening/weekend prorogram but it's too far away
  2. registerednursing

    Norfolk fortis college

    Are you saying they offered both day and evening nursing classes or just daytime classes? I am looking for an evening program.
  3. registerednursing

    Fortis college students in Norfolk Virginia

    Are there any recent Fortis graduates or current students that can tell us about your clinical experiences?
  4. registerednursing

    MCI Virginia Beach 2011-2012

    How is the program going so far? How are the clinicals? Do you get enough clinical hours in? Which hospitals are the clinicals at?
  5. registerednursing

    Fortis college

    Does Fortis have evening/weekend nursing classes or just daytime?
  6. registerednursing

    South university va beach

    Does South university have a night/evening curriculum or is it just days?
  7. registerednursing

    Hampton University Fall 2012 hopefuls?

    How are the clinical sites for HU students? Are they welcoming to students at the local hospitals? What are the day college class timeframes?
  8. registerednursing

    Need some input about fortis college of richmond, va

    Does Fortis offer evening and weekend classes?
  9. registerednursing

    Norfolk fortis college

    Does Fortis Offer evening and weekend Nursing programs?
  10. How is the evening program and clinicals at MCI?
  11. registerednursing

    Fortis College in Norfolk Virginia

    Does Fortis college have weekend and evening nursing classes?
  12. registerednursing

    Why do LPN graduates have to wait a year to apply for their RN degree?

    Thank you! I was really confused because I am not able to do the Registered Nursing program full-time in the morning because I work but there is an LPN program that has 3 nights 5-10pm and every other weekend for 18mths. I just wanted to be able to leave my current job after getting my LPN and work as an LPN nights. Then go to school for my LPN-BSN.
  13. Hello, I was told that if I enter an LPN program, that I have to wait 12 months before I am eligible to apply for my RN degree? Why can't I work as an LPN nights and continue my education in Registered nursing during the day right after I graduate as an LPN if I chose that path?
  14. registerednursing

    Sentara Care Partner Program

    Are their any recent Sentara care partner graduates online? How long is the average day for the care partner classes? Is it from 8am-4:30pm M-F? I begin my class August 25th.
  15. registerednursing

    Any Sentara Care Partners here?

    I am currently filling my forms out too. I need to take cpr. My card expired 4/30/13