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Is anyone applying to the Marymount University (Arlington, VA) 16 month accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010? I'd love to meet other students!... Read More

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    hey guys, I called the school today and they said my application has been pushed to the 2nd review because of the weather and snow. Perhaps the same is for you guys as well. Good luck!

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    Hi all,

    A couple quick questions:

    -How long is Marymount's program? Some of the 2nd degree programs are as short as 15 months, and some are the full two years. It wasn't clear to me from the website's description of 'four semesters' if one of those is a summer semester.

    -How would you rate the program compared to Georgetown, GWU, UMD Shady Grove, and Catholic?

    I just got accepted, not sure where else I'll be accepted but trying to work out the pros/cons. I live in DC (home owner so I can't move) so the convenience of Marymount is appealing if Georgetown doesn't accept me - and/or I don't get the WHC Scholarship. I'm worried GWU or Shady Grove would just be too far to drive for early mornings.

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    The Marymount program is 16 months (there is a summer semester).

    I am not really sure how the other programs in the area compare but I do know that Marymount has a good reputation in the area. The program is a little disorganized at times, but I am sure that each program has some degree of issues. I'm in my second semester now and so far I am pretty happy with how things have gone. I think it's a great option if you aren't able to leave the area!
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    I received my acceptance on April 19th! Very happy!
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    Congrats Lee. I don't want to spoil your happiness, but Marymount is a very disorganized university. This is my second semester at MU, and so far I am very disappointed. I wonder if I should have chosen Catholic University instead.
    Good luck to you though. At the end of the day - it's the diploma that matters.
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    For everybody who has been previously accepted what was your gpa and test scores?trying to see if i should try and apply for the last review or not!?!
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    Quote from ys1650
    For everybody who has been previously accepted what was your gpa and test scores?trying to see if i should try and apply for the last review or not!?!
    Which test scores are you referring to? the ATI? Just as an aside, Marymount looks at every part of your application. Your references and past experience is important too! I say go for it!
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    I graduated from MU accelerated BSN in '09. I had a great experience there. To the people who say it is "disorganized"....if you can't deal with some challenges in college then get out. Guess what..adapting and overcoming is a part of life and is FOR SURE a part of being a nurse. They expect a they should. They don't hand you the degree without a lot of hard work. The problem is everyone wants the big time, but they don't want to work for it. The whining is pointless and is a sign of weakness. It is a challenge to get clinicals together for hundreds of students, but they got it done. Instead of whining open your book and read. Study. Work hard. No one in the hospital will put up with whining.

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