INOVA nurse recruiter (need contact info)

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    Inova Hospitals website lists different internship positions for new nurses. I am not sure how to apply. Does anyone have a contact info of the nurse recruiter there?

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    I sent you a PM with the info.
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    Applications are taken online
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    Hi, everyone. I am garduating in May from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. My husband just got a job in Quantico. That is why I am kind of late in applying for the jobs. I tried Mary Washington Hospital and Stafford. But no luck. I am looking into applying to the Inova Hospitals. On there wesite they have only RNII opennings which require experience. I was wondering if somebody knows how can I get a job there or how to contact nurse recruiter. Please post any other suggestions on how to get a job close to Quantico. I really need help. I have two very young children and desparatelly need job security before I move up to Virginia. Thank you.
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    Isn't there a large naval hospital? Inova would be quite a drive for you on a very unpleasant (I-95) highway.
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    Potomac would be convenient for you but I don't know if they're hiring new grads. I have the info for the nurse recruitor there if you're interested.
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    Thank you for replying to my posting. Unfortunatelly Potomac hospital does not hire new grads at this time. I think that there is a Naval Hospital in Quantico, but I am afraid that I will not qualify to work there as I am not a US citizen yet. Again thank you for your help and if you have any other ideas please let me know.
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    Maybe try various doctors office or Kaiser Permanente, there are a bunch of offices near Potomac Hospital and Kaiser is right up the street from there as well. The Potomac News is the local paper here, as well as Washington Post. Check those for openings, the jobs are posted online.
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    Hi!! Can u please forward me the info of INOVA recruiters since they have listed the residencies but do not clarify how to apply. Thanks to you!!
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    They have not had any residencies for the last couple years, though they still have the descriptions up. From what I can tell, it is impossible to get an interview there unless you were an extern.

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