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Does anybody happen to know if Inova Health Systems will hire ADN-RNs? The job postings on their website for nurse positions list a preference for BSN, or MSN, but it does not say that it is... Read More

  1. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    Can anyone tell me WHERE Inova superuser training is? P*** said that it was next to the FCPS building, but when I google map it there is a Marriott on one side and townhouses on the other!! I am so confused and I don't want to be late...especially after that email today. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!!
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  2. by   inovahealth
    Posted on behalf of Inova:
    The building is located behind the FCPS building. If you turn on Gatehouse Road from Gallows Road, 8111 Gatehouse Rd. is on your right. The building is set back, so it’s hard to see. Look for flagmen on Gatehouse Rd. who will direct you to parking.
  3. by   p1nkrn
    Does INOVA have specific Scrubs that the RN's have to wear? Do they supply them or do you need to provide them?
  4. by   bernbabybern820
    You need to buy navy blue scrubs. I think you can add white as well.
  5. by   p1nkrn
    Quote from bernbabybern820
    You need to buy navy blue scrubs. I think you can add white as well.
  6. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    That is correct. Navy or white scrubs for RN. You can wear any combination I think. Also you can have navy with white piping, or white with navy piping. The only time I am aware of that your scrubs are provided for you is in the OR.
  7. by   elBSN
    Just curious- what do you type in when searching for new grad positions? RN I or new grad?
  8. by   bernbabybern820
    Neither. Just look at each nursing opening. Make sure the posting doesn't say that experience is required.
  9. by   FutureRNBSN12
    Anyone apply for the ED New Grad program and heard back yet? My resume has been under review for a week now? Any suggestions on who to call that could help? I called HR and they said call back in 3/6 weeks to check status of application if I haven't heard anything. I think that's a LONG time to wait. Any help is appreciated!
  10. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    My application has been "under review" for several weeks. I just decided to take one of the new grad float pool positions instead and hope for the best.
  11. by   FutureRNBSN12
    It's at Inova or at a different hospital?
  12. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    The ED positions are at Inova Fairfax and one at Inova Fair Oaks. Yes the position I took is at Inova also.
  13. by   FutureRNBSN12
    Oh thats wonderful! CONGRATS! Do you mind sharing any tips on obtaining a position? Like what did you do? How was the interview? Is it also a new grad program? If so how long is it and when do/did you start? Sorry for all the questions. I just really want to work there/ get into the ED program! Thanks in advance for you help!