GMU 2010 Nursing Application

  1. Hello to all! I was just wondering if there were any students in the Northern VA area that applied to any of the GMU nursing programs for the 2010 cycle. Has anyone received an acceptance letter to the nursing program? Traditional, RN-BSN or Accelerated- It doesn't matter which program, I would really like to see if there are any other people out there who are in sort of the same boat as I am. I called the nursing department a few days ago and they said that they should be mailing them out any time this April. Also, I asked her about my status but she said their system was that's unfortunate. Anyways, it would be great to hear from anyone. Ok, thanks for your time!

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  3. by   marie4123
    Hello, I also applied to GMU's (accelerated) BSN program and am waiting for a letter....It's the end of April so I'm hoping to find out soon! Which program did you apply to? I'm actually currently living outside of the US so my family has been checking the mail every day for me. Let me know if you hear anything. Good luck!
  4. by   NP_to_be
    Hello, I also applied to the accelerated program. I was told end of April/beginning of May...I am anxiously awaiting! If I hear anything I will let you know.

    Good luck to you both.

  5. by   mew56
    I received my acceptance letter today for the accelerated program, they sent it out April 30th.
  6. by   NursingGeek
    I applied to the RN to BSN program and I still have not heard anything. I talked to them on the phone and they said this week they are mailing letters. They said they are prohibited from telling someone whether they got in or not.

    I am scheduled to attend the orientation for the college of HHS tomorrow, though - not sure how that will work out but I signed up a while ago assuming I'd know by now. I can't easily make the other orientation sessions so I am fine with going, I am just annoyed that I have to go not knowing whether or not I got in.
  7. by   portace
    A couple of my friends got into the mason nursing program! They have gotten their letters already.
  8. by   ammarac
    I got in... Is there anyone else. we should definately introduce ourselves to each other..
  9. by   Estrella55
    Hello Everyone,
    I am currently finishing up the GMU 2nd degree accelerated program and I can answer questions about it for anyone who's interested. Congratulations on your acceptances!
  10. by   carlyrose
    Estrella 55,

    Were you happy with the program? I intend to apply for the Fall 2011 cycle.
    I am currently doing my science pre-requisites.
  11. by   Saflanut
    Hi Estrella55,
    My question is about the application itself. Did you have any medical background and volunteer experience before the nursing school? GMU changed some of the requirements last year. But I am trying to get a general idea about the accepted students and their qualifications. It seems like every year it is getting harder to get in. Any pointers, tips would be great help. Thanks.
  12. by   Estrella55
    Hello Everyone,

    I apologize for the very long delay. We just finished the program and I have not been on this website in a couple of weeks. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.

    Carlyrose: Hmm, it's hard to answer this question because there are so many sides to it. Honestly, I didn't like the program. The thing is, it's hard to like something that's so incredibly tough, rigorous, and frustrating at times. Did some other people like it? I'm not sure. It was a non-stop marathon from beginning to end. There were some good times and laughs-and at the end of it, I came out with the nursing degree that I had worked so hard for. But in terms of enjoying it, no, I did not enjoy it that much.

    Bokerglory: I did not have much (clinical) medical experience to speak of before this program. Due to the fast pace and high expectations, it would have been much better for me if I had. My friends with previous medical experience found the year to be a little bit easier than I did. We all adjusted fairly well though. I'm a completely different person now than I was last year. However, I didn't have any medical experience and I did just fine. I did, however, have quite a bit of volunteer experience with lifeguarding, being a camp counselor, and doing administrative work at a free clinic. I wasn't anything like a CNA or EMT though.

    Sorry about the delay and feel free to message me back if you have any more questions. I'll try to be more "speedy" with my responses this time.