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  1. ammarac

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Hey everyone. I will be starting the 2nd degree accelerated program in Fall 2010 at GMU as well. I called the nursing department regarding how the schedule will be and where should I live etc but I just wanted to know more about the commuting, driving, traffic and where I should look for an apartment from current nursing students. I'm 23, married and have a 16 month old that I have to find a daycare for. The child development center at GMU has a 6 month waitlist as well as Fairfax Hospital where my husband will be working. When I called the nursing department, they said they made a few changes this year. All classes will be held at the fairfax campus and most of our clinicals will be at Fairfax Hospital in Falls church. Would it be more convenient for me to live in fairfax really close to the school or in falls church really close to the hospital. I'm coming from Southern Jersey from the suburbs where we dont even have sidewalks so I'm really terrified about DC/ Virginia traffic and rush hour!! Since Julie mentioned we have classes 3 days a week on campus and one day at clinical would it be better to just live in Fairfax?? We visited the area and Fairfax seemed like the suburbs while Falls Church more like the city which I would love since I'm originally from San Francisco. I'm s0 confused since falls church is 13 miles away from gmu and it would take 30 minutes to get to school without traffic according to the gps. is it worth it. Where do all of you live?? This wouldnt be really an issue if I wasn't really scared of driving in a new busy area ( i had a bad car accident 2 years ago and therefore terrified). Does anyone take the bus? public transportation? Are there any mothers in the program? From the sound of it its sounds so intense and I'm feeling really happy I got in but overwhelmed at the same time. any advice. I hope I can managae school, being a mother, and wife all at the same time..
  2. ammarac

    GMU 2010 Nursing Application

    I got in... Is there anyone else. we should definately introduce ourselves to each other..
  3. ammarac

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Its so frustrating to wait till the end of April to find out!!!!!! culd someone who has gotten in tell us their stats as in gpa etc etc
  4. is anyone else attending MU 2nd degree BSN in spring 2010!! im excited and nervous ps does anyone know if marymount has daycare services for students with kids? or any good daycare or nanny in ballston or near falls church/ arlington since thats where i live. my duaghter will be one in jan. hesitant to leave her since ive been a stay at home mom and stressed about finding a good daycare/nanny before i start! pps. is MU accesible by meto. u stop at ballston and ive seen the admissions offcie but is that the main campus?
  5. Hey everyone!! Does anyone know a good daycare or nanny?? Please please let me know!! My duaghter will be 1 in january and we live in Falls Church, VA. I will be attending nursing school at Marymount University in Ballston in Jan 2010 I'm excited but really really scared to leave my duaghter with someone other than me. My family is from California and so Safura has never been with anyone except me! I guess Im just very hesitant and overwhelmed so much so I keep thinking maybe I should just postpone school. i guess first time mom attachment jitters! Anyways I hope you guys can help me!! And as for the working moms, is it normal to feel guilty to not be there for your baby? any really good daycare or nanny in near me or near my school would be great!!! Does Marymount Univ offer day care services on campus? Thanks so much for your help love, Ammara and Safura