Bryant and Stratton

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    Hello everyone....

    I was wondering what were the proceedures to apply to bryant and stratton rn program....I Know a test or maybe two besides the TEAS is taken to see if you qualify for the program but Im not sure what kind of tests....alos, does anyone know what their schedule is like....

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    I didnt even know that bryant and stratton had a RN program.
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    How much is the RN program?
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    Quote from taandoh
    I didnt even know that bryant and stratton had a RN program. -- looks like the Richmond campus does, but not the VA Beach location.
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    I was in the Sentara BSN open house with a woman who was taking classes at Bryant and Stratton. The people in the open house were discussing how expensive these classes were versus a community college...I know she was going for a medical assistant, but I would assume the rates are the same.
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    There is nothing on their website with their tuition rates. I've learned that usually means they are way too expensive!
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    I found a list on Google that said the tuition is around 15,000 per year for full time or 480 per credit hour(part time)..not sure how accurate this is,but if it's true then its cheaper than other private programs which are 50,000 for adn.
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    They have a college catolog on their website.It lists the costs..something like 7,300 per semester.The semesters are 7-15 weeks or something and single courses are around 600 per credit hour,The nursing program is 72 credit hours.Full time would be 7,300(ballpark figure) times 5 semesters,plus 1600 for extra fees(4 nursing classes),lab fees,registration,books(50-900) per semester and other FEES....I believe in the end its around 45,000-50,000.The good thing about this school is that they accept 50% transfer credits and that is great for cutting those costs.You can also take most of your prerequisites online.....I still don't know which entrance test they give...Does anyone know?
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