Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013? Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013? - page 3

Just looking to find some fellow pre-nursing students who are applying to TCC or even Paul D Camp for the fall 2013 semester. Lets chat!... Read More

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    Quote from nursenthemakin
    I will definitely keep you posted. Last semester there were over 200 applicants. I was chosen as 1 of 18 alternates but unfrtunately i didnt get called back. No alternates were called for jan start and 2 were called for the march 11th class. Hopefully i have a better chance this time around. If not i may have to go to plan B :-)
    Hey girl I'm still hoping you get in!! Good luck.
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    Thanks Virgolove34...Me too :-) @heathermax, i have looked into other schools...Im working on it ...
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    @Heathermax...its funny that you mentioned riverside because a girl in my CNA class just told me about it. She is trying to prepare to apply. I have looked into it and may apply there as well. Doesnt hurt to have options :-)
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    Sentara is a BSN class, but has just about the same pre-requisites as the ASN classes. I am still working on getting my pre-requisites done, and as of right now I am about 2 years away.. BUT, I am applying for the LPN class, that way I can be working as a LPN and continue TCC for the pre-requisites.
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    That sounds like a plan...was considering doing the same but i would rather go straigh for my RN ....I have not eliminated that option applying for an lpn program as well ..Thats plan C Im gonna get there one way or another
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    Me way or another!
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    I too have applied for Fall (October) start. I know that we are suppose to know either way by May 15th, but has anyone gotten anything yet? I hope we don't have to wait another month
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    I am waiting as patiently as I can but it is stressing me out. I have not gotten anything in the mail and I believe this is the only way we will find out. Good luck to you and I will let you know as soon as I find out either way! Do you know anyone else who has applied. I haven't really seen too many people on here and wonder how big the applicant pool is this time around. Thanks.

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    Spiceweeney...No i have not gotten anything yet. Last time i got my letter on the 12th , 3 days before the deadline. The waiting game is hard but we will get through it !!
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    Thanks! I will do the same also. Which cohort did you apply for? Yeah I agree I haven't seen much activity about the fall start...maybe the pool is smaller this time
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    Wow...thats kinda what I thought...we wouldn't know until the last minute...ugh this is tough! Yes we will! Which cohort did you apply for?
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    I applied for the August start date but I think if you get chosen, they decide which cohort they will put you in. I just hope I get in. My HESI-A2 wasn't the best it could be because I really didn't have any time to study for it. Oh well, I just have to sit back and wait. If this doesn't work, I have other choices and options. Good luck to you! By the way, do you have all the pre-req's completed? I'm just trying to get a feel for who applied. I have everything except for BIO150. I am currently taking that now and it will be over with by May 6.
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    spicersweeney....I applied for August but if they say i have to start in october ill take it ! Ive taken every class there is to at the point now im registering for classes that are needed for my bsn so i wont waste my time taking classes i will never be needed ...Im hoping to find out sooner than later. Please let me know when you guys get your letters