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Hi everyone, I'm new to I recently applied to VCU's accelerated MSN program. I KNOW I'M EARLY, BUT I'M VERY ANXIOUS. The deadline is nov 1st. We won't hear anything back till February. I just wanted to put... Read More

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    Glad to hear that everything went okay with your application! I remember an email saying contact Julie Norman about transcripts (I'm sure you're probably already on that).

    Good luck everyone!! 3 months!

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    Well just to update everything worked out well. Does anyone know when we are supposed to get a response back?
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    Marwa T, The website states that we should hear back, by mail, the 1st or 2nd week in February. 3 months from now. Good luck!!!!
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    The longest 3 months of my life, with the exception of carrying my two children and waiting for that first ultrasound.

    mas28, have you come up with any good ideas on how to pass the time while waiting that doesn't include pacing a floor or driving the people around you nuts? I am still trying to brainstorm on that one. I am also not discussing it with a lot of people because I don't want to have to tell everyone I didn't get in just in case.
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    Kellyski, I am laughing right now! I am exactly the same way. I only have been discussing it with my wife for now. I don't talk about it at work unless someone asks me when I find out. Like you, I don't want to bring it to anyones attention in case I don't get it. I just stay in the gym, @ work, and busy with my wife and kids. Hobbies are lifesavers right about now. I think no matter what we do, the thought of an acceptance/rejection will always be lingering in the back of our heads!


    P.S. November is almost half over already.

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    Hi everyone!

    Latecomer to this thread, longtime worrier about being accepted to the program. I'm a former community college student who transferred to UVA and graduated with highest distinction in August 2011 (3.8 GPA). I was a double major in sociology and women's studies, and as you all probably know, that's not exactly dynamite on the job market right now. I did a lot of undergraduate work surrounding women's health (I ran an eating disorder prevention program and interned at the sexual and domestic violence office), so that's an area I'd love to nurse in.

    The reason I'm freaked out about my application is partially seeing all the strong applicants on this thread (you all look so wonderful!) and also because I got some pretty poor grades in my prereq classes (B in statistics, A/B in the developmental psychs, and a B/C in the A&P classes). What can I say - it was a really rough time in my life for personal reasons, and online classes are just horrific for me. I'm hoping they'll focus on my overall GPA and see that I'm capable of doing quality academic work, even if it was in the "easier" liberal arts! I was (thankfully) able to pick up a job at Martha Jefferson Hospital, so hopefully that will help give me a little credibility.

    Good luck to everyone...the waiting is really the hardest part!
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    Hi sas4vv, Welcome to the thread!! Better late than never right?

    Although you may think your pre-req grades aren't the strongest, keep in mind VCU claims to look at the whole applicant. They have to because we all come from different baccalaureate backgrounds. There is no way to compare classes from a chemistry major to a communication major. So they have to look at more than just grades, which I think works to our advantage. If you feel you are lacking in one area, you can pick up the slack in another area.

    Your gpa rocks by the way!! Congrats and welcome to the wait. It's nice to know we're not alone.

    Good luck and I wish you the best!!


    p.s. Did you apply to the Accelerated BSN or MSN?
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    Thanks for the reassurance, mas28! Let's hope VCU sticks to their word and looks at the applicant as a total package - I get the gist that a few other students may be feeling similarly. I applied to the ABSN - hoping it works out!
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    You sound like a great applicant sas4vv! Don't beat yourself up and think positively! The waiting is going to be long though EEK
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    Did anyone else get a confirmation of their application as of yet?

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