advice please: private lpn school or nvcc?

  1. Hello,

    I am 23 yr old and want to go to nursing school.
    My original plan was to go to nvcc, finish pre-req, be on the waiting list, and get into the program.
    But it seems it's gonna take 3+ years and it's holding my back because I have to support myself.
    On the other hand, I could go to private lpn school on Mon-Thur, work on the weekends.
    After I graduate, I could work as a LPN and go back to school for RN.
    As I was considering, I leaned more toward the second option.
    But my friend in California (who works as LVN and going to school for RN) called me and told me
    not to go to private LPN school because a lot of LVNs are out of jobs in her area.
    Please give me some advice because this is a really important decision for me and since I am new to the area,
    I lack in information.


    gee gee

    PS: and also, would anybody let me know good LPN program?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I'd skip the private school. The job market sucks, there's no telling when it will get better, and your friend is right: a lot of places are moving away from hiring LPNs in favor of RNs. So IMO don't put yourself into a ton of debt when you don't know what things will be like when you graduate.

    I'd find a local community college for the LPN, or just skip the LPN and go straight for the RN...and again, don't put yourself in major debt doing that either--RNs aren't faring much better in the job hunt.
  4. by   TLeech
    I am taking pre-reqs at NVCC this fall and hope to get into the program next year. I believe entrance is based on TEAS score and GPA, so hypothetically you might not be on a wait-list. I hope you're able to do really well and start the program next year
  5. by   KimberlyRN89
    LPNs are being phased out of hospitals in many places, but I always say there will continue to be a need for them in LTC,ALF's and home health. If you dont mind working in any of these places, then I say go for the LPN programs.
  6. by   MsbossyRN
    I would not go to a private school, the universities and the c.c. will offer same thing. I know some nursing programs allow you to do the pre-req along with the nursing classes. My program was an adn program but it allowed me to take the pre-req like micro and stuff along with nursing fundaments. It makes it harder but if you are a good student, you can have your adn in 2 yrs. I wouldn't advise anyone to become an lpn now. The job market is hard for RN I can imagine it is just as hard for LPN and they do most of the same work, just get paid less.
  7. by   lkwashington
    Do your research. Find out how long will the waiting list before you be accepted into any RN program. I will continue to finish the prereqs, apply to other RN programs. I know some schools have 12 mos LPN program. You have wait maybe 6 mos to get into their RN program. Continue to do your research on the different schools to help you figure out what exactly you want to do. Good luck to you.
  8. by   tillyrn2b
    i had similar findings with nvcc and i work full time and have 2 kids. Ive been looking at a couple lpn programs in the area (monroe tech in leesburg, ffx co schools, and falls church co schools). Im still looking, but it would be nice to compare to any other programs you've found!
    feel free to message or email me!!
  9. by   Nova74
    Lteech, were you able to get into nursing program? Did you take the Teas test? i'm a little bit confused. Most of the posts said that the Teas does include science, however, i check with MEC counselor and he said that the Teas only cover Math, Reading, and English. Did you take the Teas test yet? How was it? Can you give me some feedback? Thanks!
  10. by   Nova74
    Did you take the TEAS test? How was it? can you let me know some feedback? i have 3 kids and just went back to school..i'm so scare to even think about taking it.