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Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get a little advice about UVA's CNL program. This looks like an excellent program and I will be applying for a May 2014 start date (deadline is Oct 1). I'm basically putting all my eggs in one... Read More

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    Thanks UVA Grad Nursing! I look forward to hearing! Good luck to all

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    To everyone waiting on interviews and waiting on decisions, how are you handling the stress? I'm planning on baking some treats for my recommenders. Anyone have any good recipes they can share? I'm thinking brownies with something extra (nuts/caramel/coconut....)

    Have a great weekend

    P.S. soulshine, thank you for your message - I will reply some day (when I have access to private messaging!)
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    I am currently still awaiting an interview and not handling the stress very well! Haha, however I don't have much time to be stressed it as I am currently in my last semester as an undergrad, so I am pretty busy with school work and such. Hopefully I will hear something soon…I would be pretty defeated if I didn't even get an interview!!!! All I can do is keep praying about it and be optimistic
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    To kaitlyn- It won't let me PM you! I am not an active enough member or something…anyways hope we all end up as classmates and good luck to you!!!
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    Quote from cns2745
    To kaitlyn- It won't let me PM you! I am not an active enough member or something…anyways hope we all end up as classmates and good luck to you!!!
    Thank you, good luck to you and finishing up your undergrad!! Still no interview news Praying for the best!
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    Hello newnurse3,

    I applied to the acute care MSN program at UVA as well and got that same email saying that they would notify by Nov. 22 if you were selected for an interview.

    my grad school webpage no longer says "under committee review" but I also do not have a link for my final admission decision either. I have not received a call or an email about an interview, nor have I received a rejection either.

    Have you heard anything? Or do you have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!!
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    I received my interview email today!!!!!! I was on break at work (I work as a CNA in my hospital's recovery room) and I opened my email app and found THE email and possibly shrieked!! It was awesome to share the news with all my nurse coworkers!!! My interview is for Tuesday, Dec. 3rd! Does anyone who's already had the interview have any tips for me?? I'm all ears
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    ICU RN: I would maybe email the admissions rep or the Dean for UVA (they are even on here sometimes). They were super helpful with my questions They may still be updating applications.... I applied to the Primary Care NP and the Dean was really helpful and prompt with any questions I had. Hope this helps
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    Hello newnurse3,

    I had emailed the assistant Dean and he said that since I did not get an email/ call by Nov. 22 that it likely means I was not selected for an interview but that he was not 100% sure. But then again I am wondering why I have not received a rejection either and their is no link to my final admission decision on my graduate webpage?? I may just email the program director.

    Thanks for your help
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    Hello UVA Grad Nursing,

    I realize this is off topic. However I am unable to PM you since I have <15 posts. I am applying to the UCLA ACNP program. I was making an excel spreadsheet of the different ACNP programs in CA 2 days ago when I realized I have all the requirements for fall 2014. PLUS I live near Los Angeles.

    I am writing my SOP. With limited time, I am hoping you may be able to give an opinion on it. i.e. is it competitive enough to send or should I save my $80 and wait for 2015...

    a little background on myself:
    -RN since 2005, ADN. Grades not that great. :/
    -BSN within 1 year 2012 GPA 3.56 Cum Laude
    -specifically sought specialty ICU since 2005. specialized neurosurg/thoraci @ Keck USC, Burns @ New York Pres, Cornell, Oncology @ Memorial Sloan Kettering, Open heart @ Queens medical in honolulu, Trauma @ stanford, Neuro @ UCSF
    -charge nurse experience
    -CCRN since 2009
    -paid my own entire way through school since 18. worked full time since 16.
    -not a ton of volunteer
    -no awards
    -no publications

    I am confident an outstanding SOP will get me in.

    Please email me if you get this message and have the time/interest to help my dream come true! Deadline for app is Dec 1. (BTW, does this mean by the end of the day on Dec 1 or by midnight on the day before?)

    you can PM me or email me at crcatalan at gmail dot com

    thank you so much!

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