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hiii guys h r u? i am a graduate nurse from india,i like to appear for nclex in vermont,can anyone tell me about vermont,bcos thats my future place to live...wat abt the job opportunities,... Read More

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    what other specialties in nursing are hiring in Vermont- LTC, M/S Tele? and which regions of vermont and what's the average payscale?
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    I am an LTC RN who hasnt worked in over 2 years but is still active living in southern Vermont right now. Finding it difficult to get into a MD office or less physical type of profession right now. One Md office said I was overqualified ... Cant fiqure that one out being I was very willing to take a paycut and would never leave the job being that unemployment is so bad. anyone with any job help I would greatly appreciated....sometimes I feel like God doesnt want me in this profession any more with all the trouble I had finding a non physical type nursing job.

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