Anyone attending VTC this fall (PN program)?

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    Hi...I'd just like to get in touch with anyone who has gone through the program or who is going to go this fall...I've just accepted for the Newport site and am really looking forward to it!

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    Sorry dalgal, I am still not going and you can't make me!!

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    Aw, c'mon...
    Maybe I'll just put it off ANOTHER year so you can go with me!
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    I know this post is kind of old but I will be attending the bennington site this fall. I'm really excited too!
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    I am not going to VTC this year, hopefully the fall of 2011.
    I go to CCV 1/2 time and I would be willing to bet that you and I shared some classes together.

    Wanna bet?


    PS dalgal I am just giving you a head start!!
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    wow, i thought this post was forgotten thanks for replying.Thats too bad your not going this year though. Were you planning on going to the bennington site? I dont think we've had any classes together, I go to HVCC in NY. Happy Memorial Day!

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    I would have lost the bet.
    I live on NY side and have been going to CCV Bennington and hope to use the Putnam Campus in 2011.

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    Unfortunatly I will not be attending this fall. I applied and was told that I should get some of my pre req's done at ccv first. So that is exactly what I'm doing . I hope that I will be attending the Randolph campus for the fall of 2011 (fingers crossed). Congrats on getting in!
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    Good luck everyone that's working on the prerequisites...I met the others at the site and there are only 9 of us...kind of nice to have small classes I guess!
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    I am going to be part of an upcoming classaction lawsuit going many years back, please please reconsider going to VTC, I KNOW that the Putnam campus is VERY corrupt and I have heard horror stories from the other campus'. Save your time, money and most importantly sanity! Unethical practices, prejudism, favoritism, inconsistant grading, and lack of professionalism pretty much sums up this school!

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