Working in SLC healthcare as a non-LDS?? - page 2

Hey, I have been looking at Salt Lake as a place to relocate. Every time I mention this, I get a look of despair and pity. "You'll never make it out there! It's all Mormons!" I lived in Idaho... Read More

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    Oh, I am also non-LDS. You do hear LDS say things on the phone like "Honey, are you going to young womens?" or two teenaged co-workers talking 'Are you LDS?! You are! Omigosh! Go to BYU in Hawaii!".. lol. Other than that though, LDS are just normal, every day people. It can be an adjustment... and after a year I am only now starting to feel someone adjusted into the culture. LDS faith has very much became apart of the culture here, but it either bothers you, or you learn to ignore it. Closer into SLC - it seems it becomes much more Catholic/Non-Denominational. The LDS culture is having to adjust too, as more new people from far off lands of other states migrate into Utah. So, Utah isn't 100% LDS, but it definitely still is here and will never be gone. For the most part, the people are sucky/aggressive drivers but nice face-to-face. lol. The mountains are gorgeous too. Come here!

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