RN's how much do you make here in Utah?

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    Nurse for 14 yrs., 28.00/hr/48,000.00 annually.

    Thought this would be interesting.

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    Quote from blueyezz71
    Nurse for 14 yrs., 28.00/hr/48,000.00 annually.

    Thought this would be interesting.
    Time to ask for a raise blueyezz,

    Nurse for 3 years
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    Is that 48K take home, or are you working part time? Wouldn't full time $28/hr equal to about 58k or so, or am I mis-calculating something?
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    wow, that's not much for being a nurse for 14 years! I made 48,000 my first year I graduated from RN school in Arkansas as a staff nurse. Definitely time for you to have a raise
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    not nearly enough!
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    $23/hr 2 yrs exp.
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    Are you at a hospital or assisted living facility?
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    Hospital, why is that good? Everyone I work around has over 10 yrs experience and don't think I make a lot-but I feel blessed. I think that it helps that I offered to work every night and weekend (with few exceptions.) The shift differentials make it closer to $25...but taxes, insurance, flex plan, 401k bring it back down to just over $20. My second job pays just under $22. I'm not one to negotiate on pay either, what they say is what I get (I'll need to work on that down the road when I have more experience/leverage) but I work hard, come in often when there is a need, am flexible with working on other units. I have also worked hard to position myself where there is a need. I networked for a couple months, volunteered, got to know the different managers and learned as much as I could before accepting this position and it really payed off.
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    They've been caught price fixing in Utah. Compare with other areas (Denver, Montana, etc) and you'll see a difference.
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    I did a short contract in SLC this summer and was told new grads get about $18 and hour and average RN is $22-24. My hourly rate was $20.12 and $12.30 an hour travel, housing, food stipend capped at 36 hours a week. That was still much less than my $37.62 staff rate back in DC area.

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