RN's how much do you make here in Utah?

  1. Nurse for 14 yrs., 28.00/hr/48,000.00 annually.

    Thought this would be interesting.
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  3. by   jeaneous
    Quote from blueyezz71
    Nurse for 14 yrs., 28.00/hr/48,000.00 annually.

    Thought this would be interesting.
    Time to ask for a raise blueyezz,

    Nurse for 3 years
  4. by   tfleuter
    Is that 48K take home, or are you working part time? Wouldn't full time $28/hr equal to about 58k or so, or am I mis-calculating something?
  5. by   JoycMarr
    wow, that's not much for being a nurse for 14 years! I made 48,000 my first year I graduated from RN school in Arkansas as a staff nurse. Definitely time for you to have a raise
  6. by   tempest
    not nearly enough!
  7. by   PsychIon
    $23/hr 2 yrs exp.
  8. by   precious01
    Are you at a hospital or assisted living facility?
  9. by   PsychIon
    Hospital, why is that good? Everyone I work around has over 10 yrs experience and don't think I make a lot-but I feel blessed. I think that it helps that I offered to work every night and weekend (with few exceptions.) The shift differentials make it closer to $25...but taxes, insurance, flex plan, 401k bring it back down to just over $20. My second job pays just under $22. I'm not one to negotiate on pay either, what they say is what I get (I'll need to work on that down the road when I have more experience/leverage) but I work hard, come in often when there is a need, am flexible with working on other units. I have also worked hard to position myself where there is a need. I networked for a couple months, volunteered, got to know the different managers and learned as much as I could before accepting this position and it really payed off.
  10. by   CASTLEGATES
    They've been caught price fixing in Utah. Compare with other areas (Denver, Montana, etc) and you'll see a difference.
  11. by   MERRYWIDOW46
    I did a short contract in SLC this summer and was told new grads get about $18 and hour and average RN is $22-24. My hourly rate was $20.12 and $12.30 an hour travel, housing, food stipend capped at 36 hours a week. That was still much less than my $37.62 staff rate back in DC area.
  12. by   nurseman78
    I did a short contract in SLC this summer and was told new grads get about $18 and hour and average RN is $22-24.
    I've called the various hospitals around here looking to get a feel for what starting wages are. I know that they're higher than $18/hr. IHC's hospitals pay around $21-22/hr to start. All the others are similar, and I think the U of U's hospital pays the least. There simply are a ton of nurses here. There are a lot of young women going to school here, and ask any of them and you'll find the most common choices of study are nursing, dental hygiene, or teaching.

    Utah has this reputation of being a "right-to-work" state. There is this attitude that Utah is such a great place to live that they can pay you less than other places, because they know you'll stay here. Yet cost of living is still not as low as it ought to be. Another factor is that most Utah's (mainly LDS people... I know because I am one ) don't want to move out of Utah. They all want to stay within a block of every relative they know.

    That said, Utah is a pretty nice place to live. Crime is pretty low, the state is run well, often among the highest rated in magazines such as Forbes and U.S. World News and Report. There are jobs, but they don't pay the best. This goes for any profession outside of say engineering or being a physician or dentist. Getting hosed on pay is something Utahns are used to. And being a waiter here absolutely sucks. They pay you $2.15/hr, and people tip horrendously, if they tip at all.

    I for one will gladly move anywhere if it means getting the job i want. I actually think moving would be a lot of fun. Especially East Coast or the South somewhere.
  13. by   tabridge
    Most Utah hospitals that I have interviewed, were offering $ 21.00-22.00 per hour for a new graduate RN position.
  14. by   Surgery182
    The problem with nursing in Utah has two parts. Part 1: there is almost no competition among the hospital systems. IHC is a monopoly and can therefore pay nurses whatever they want, because where else are they going to go; Universtity Hospital who will just basically match what IHC pays. That leads to Part 2: nurses accept the low wages because they refuse to move to another state where they can make more money. If nurses would move to where they get paid what they are worth, IHC would be forced to increase their pay.