How much is the salary for newly grad UTAH Nurses???

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    I wanted to ask if anyone can inform me of the range or starting salary in UTah....I'm planning to apply my license there..


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    RN or LPN? Long term or hospital or home health?
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    HIa gain! I'm asking for a RN salary rate in a hospital. Hope you can give me an idea. Thanks again
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    I graduated last year and was started at $18.65 on a tele floor. You might be able to find some hospitals that pay around $19.00 an hour. Not the best paying state. I have worked for two hospitals in Salt Lake. My personal bias is working at a teaching hospital. You will learn a lot more as a new grad. You will have interns asking you what to do. They don't realize that you just graduated and aren't really sure what is going on either. It's pretty cool though.
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    Is this salary still current? I have been an RN 3 yrs, 2 in surg/trauma floor and 1 in SICU. Would like to find an ICU job in SLC. An idea of hourly wage?
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    I just started at Intermountain last year as a new grad. Starting salaries are 21.80 an hour with a very small increase for differential. The price of homes does not equal the pay.
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    I'm just posting to confirm that New Grad pay for RNs is still $21.80 with Intermountain.

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