Canadian RN seeking work in Utah

  1. Hello, I am a Canadian RN who is seeking work in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am currently living in SLC, as my husband is working here and I came down initially as his dependant. I have discovered that in order to get a license in Utah, I need to purchase 3 items from CGFNS that all seem to do essentially the same thing - evaluate my education and verify my credentials. I have had to order the Visascreen, Credential Evaluations Service, and the Certification Program through CGFNS, costing me nearly $1350 USD.

    Additionally, despite having already written and passed the NCLEX-RN, I now need to write the CGFNS qualifying exam, which is meant to be a predictor of how I will do on the NCLEX (even though I have already passed it!). In Canada, we now write the EXACT same NCLEX as US nurses.

    Has anybody else gone through this process? I would really appreciate any advice!