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    Canadian RN seeking work in Utah

    Hi AlishawRN, I know I am late in commenting but thought it was worth a shot. I am A Canadian RN that also wrote the NCLEX to get registered in Canada and am also go through a similar process in Illinois where they don't seem to understand that we write the same NCLEX exam in Canada for our registration I was just wondering if you managed to work things out without having to rewrite the NCLEX or how that process has been for you? It is such a frustrating process so any tips or advice would be so appreciated!
  2. I am a Canadian nurse that got my initial registration in Canada by writing the "Canadian" NCLEX and am trying to get my license in Illinois. I am facing difficulties as I don't want to have to go through the exam application and have to rewrite the NCLEX in the US but they haven't caught up with the fact that Canadian RNs write the NCLEX to get registered. This is such a frustrating process so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!