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  1. CGFNS qualifying exam vs NCLEX-RN

    Has anyone taken both the NCLEX-RN and CGFNS qualifying exam? I was wondering if you could provide me with the differences between them in terms of difficulty and question-styles and what study materials you used for the CGFNS exam? I have already ta...
  2. Canadian RN seeking work in Utah

    @AlishawRN Hi! I was wondering what did you find were the differences between the CGFNS qualifying exam and NCLEX exam in terms of questions and difficulty? Did you prepare for the CGFNS exam with the same NCLEX prep material? I have already taken th...
  3. Canadian RN moving to California - Licensing help please!

    @NYnurse I am currently in the process of receiving CGFNS documents as a University of Calgary graduate. I am curious if you had clinical hours in peds, maternity, and mental health in your curriculum, since I only received med/surg clinical hours? H...