Who else starts 4/8/13? Prof Nursing A/B, Technical writing

  1. Hello allnurses!! I have registered for my classes beginni(prof nursing A/B and technical writing) now I am excited and eager to begin! Who's starting with me? Quick question..... How many prerequisite classes do/did u have to take? 5 for me including tech writing . Is the program truly 9,000 w/o prerequisites? How much more could an additional 5 classes be??? I look fwd to hearing from u guys (old and new classmates)
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  3. by   NclexSally
    Hello!!!! Is there anyone out there who can answe atleast one of the above questions??? Thanks
  4. by   MBrickle
    I'm in it!

    I have both a prior bachelor degree and my ADN and I need to take 5 pre-requisites as well. I will also be taking history starting 3/25. I believe each 3-credit, non-nursing course is $504 so it will add roughly $2500 to the costs. Still much cheaper than anything I have found. After this spring semester I am hoping to take 4 courses/semester
  5. by   NclexSally
    Yay! Thanks for responding MBrickel! I too was enrolled in the history class but I dropped it because as I read my degree map I noticed that capstone is the very last class and it cannot be taken with any other nursing course. However it can be taken with history, therefore I figured I'd take the two of them together. My rationale for this is bc the capstone course is worth 5credit hrs, and since I'm using loans to pay for school I wasn't sure if they would cover me if I am not atleast halftime (but I will call and update you today after I speak with FA).

    Also I did notice my Technical Writing Course totalled $504 which is not bad at all (I'm surprised you have 5 pre-reqs as well since you already have a bachelors). I am so excited to begin this program. I work full-time in neuro but from the website this coursework is doable for the fulltime nurse. I also saw a few people post to take only a class or two initially to allow myself to get acclimated to epic/blackboard. Either way I am very eager to begin and if it goes well I plan to obtain my masters with this school.

    Hopefully we can stay in touch through allnurses and root/cheer each other on! Whats your estimated grad date? :-)
  6. by   MBrickle
    I have experience with online courses and blackboard so I hope that helps! I would take more classes this semester but money-wise I needed to hold back as we are planning to move in a few months. As far as graduating, I'm hoping to take as many courses as possible. I at least want to always be taking 2 courses at a time, if not more. I work nights in pediatric home care so I have lots of downtime during my shift so hopefully that helps and I can finish ASAP! How about you??
  7. by   usrn1
    I start 3/25 as well. Taking statistics and english comp 2. I'm really excited and just want to get it done although a little aprehensive about using blackboard. I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time. And yes, $504 for each 3 credit class.
  8. by   AggieNurse99
    You can add me to the list. Did some Pre-Req's missing from my first 2 degrees, and hoping the nursing classes are much more cohesive. I had high school students in some and creating a discussion thread got downright painful at times. Art Appreciation just about killed me as the class was organized to an 'artists' sensibility. Looking forward to getting these nursing classes knocked out!
  9. by   MBrickle
    I re-vamped my schedule a bit and am starting English comp 2 on 3/25 and professional nursing on 4/8! Hoping to then take 5 courses over the summer! I wish they would list that course schedule already!
  10. by   NurseErin83
    Count me in too! I have 7 prereqs - starting Comp 2 and Sociology on 3/25. Hopefully, once I'm a little more comfortable with the format I plan to take 3 classes at a time. I just finished my ADN in December so part of me is dreading jumping right back into school mode, but better now than later.
  11. by   NclexSally
    Quote from MBrickle
    I re-my schedule a bit and am starting English comp 2 on 3/25 and professional nursing on 4/8! Hoping to then take 5 courses over the summer! I wish they would list that course schedule already!
    Aww MBrickle I was looking forward to starting tech writing with you on 4/8/13 , but its okay we'll be in prof nursing a/b together .
  12. by   NclexSally
    Hello all! I have a quick question, when I log on to the blackboard login it states I am not enrolled in any courses (to the left of the screen). Is that bc it is not close enough to the start date (4/8/13)? Are you all seeing the same msg on your blackboard? Of course on my mymav and all else my classes appear. Please let me know if this is normal or if you are experiencing the same thing. Thanks in advance! Can't wait to begin classes with everyone!
  13. by   MBrickle
    It's shows both the courses I have registered for...they show up on MyMav...

    Hey does anyone know if there is a way to see the summer schedule? I am only enrolled in these two courses for the spring semester as I'm trying to get a feel for it (and whether or not I will be able to get any work done during my night shifts) but would really like to complete 5 courses a semester starting in the summer!
  14. by   MBrickle
    Sorry I misread! Based on my experiences with Blackboard, it won't show up until the day the course starts.