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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I plan on attending UTA this fall... Read More

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    Congrats on your acceptance!! Do you work for a hospital and if so do you mind saying where? I hope you get an answer soon about clinicals but unfortunately I do not know that answer.

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    Quote from all4faith
    Hi everyone! I am so excited that I was accepted into the AP program. I was wondering if anyone knew about Spring Break...I have a big vacation planned but now I don't know if we still have clinicals that week or not. Has anyone heard in regards to this?
    Hi All4faith,

    When are clinicals with the AP program? I thought, from what I read, they were on the weekends only. Is that the case?

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    @all4faith: The clinicals are usually Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun, or Sun/Mon (mostly Sat/Sun, though)....I have a couple of friends in the program now and I don't think there is a break for spring break, necessarily....they do get some breaks from clinicals between "semesters" or before the start of new classes, but not sure that it would fall on Spring break.

    I hope this helps!
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    @lharvick - can you send me the link to the updated spreadsheet? Thanks! I think you can PM me? otherwise, I can send you my email.
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    Hey everyone! Let me know if anyone has started a Facebook group, I would love to join too! I too am very anxious to get more info on what is coming. I am so excited to get things started but very nervous too! I turned in my acceptance form and my employment verification. I also requested the background check. Now just waiting to turn in immunizations and the drug testing. Can't wait to meet everyone else in the group and get to know the Parkland cohort! See you soon!
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    Quote from mphillips
    @lharvick - can you send me the link to the updated spreadsheet? Thanks! I think you can PM me? otherwise, I can send you my email.
    Is there an updated spreadsheet? I thought it was deleted. Hhhmmmm
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    I just sent the spreadsheet to you both by PM. The spreadsheet was deleted but I had a copy before it was deleted from the forum.
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    Hello Everyone!
    I just joined and have a few question I was wondering if ya'll could help me out?
    I am planning on applying for the traditional on campus program for the spring of 2013, as well as TCC's nursing program, to have a back up plan. I have read about being partnered, does this play a big part in getting into the on campus program as it does with the AP online program? Also, I have taken all my pre reqs at TCC, I have a 4.0 GPA in sciences and overall, just finishing up AP II and hopefully I can finish that with an A also. I was wondering if anyone knows how much emphasis is placed on the special considerations such as taking science at UTA or 30 hours at UTA? Do you think taking all my class at TCC will hurt my chances? I talked to my adviser, she said "I was competitive", not quiet sure what that means. But any suggests or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    You Mean Your Applying To Start Fall 2013? Being Partnered Is Only For The AP Program. Your TCC Classes Should All Transfer. A 4.0 Is Definitely Competitive...The Considerations Seem To Count A Lot But You Just Never Know...I've Seen People With 4.0 No Considerations Get In, Waitlisted, Or Denied... Just Depends On The Pool Of Students & Whatever Weird Ass Ranking System They Have Going On @ The Time
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    @lharvick Thank you for posting the details of the meeting for those of us that are on the wait list. I wish I could have attended! I notices you said HCA Methodist had the least amount of partnered applicants. I'm not seeing HCA Methodist as an option. There is a HCA Plaza or a Mansfield Methodist. Could you let me know which one that is? Thanks again for keeping all of us in the loop!

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