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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

  1. by   Trenata
    Hi Y'all -

    Congrats to you all who are starting the nursing program. I am just beginning my prerequisite courses this spring starting with Cell & Molecular Biology and Sociology and then A&P I and Dev Psych. I opted not to start with Intro to Prof nursing, due to applying at another college where it will not accepted. Do you think that course is need for the "orientation?" I was hoping to take it during the summer where I wait to be accepted into the nursing program, but I am not sure if that is allowed.

    I would love to hear/see what GPA's you all had entering into the nursing program and whether you were partnered and your considerations. I am stressed about the GPA. Before all my pre-reqs, which consist of ALL the sciences that I still need to take including Tech Writing, Sociology, and Dev Psych and of course Patho, Physio, and Intro to Prof Nursing, and the elective - I have a 3.44 GPA. I was an A/B student 15 years ago with one C. Even if I make all A's from here on out, I will only have a 3.67 GPA. Do they calculate the per-requisite nursing classes (pathophysiology, pharmacology and intro to professional nursing as well as the elective - med terminology) into the GPA used for consideration to the nursing program?

    I do not foresee becoming partnered, I just don't think it is possible with my more than full time school schedule and mom duties. However, I will be studying 5-6 hours per day - so I know I have the ability to make all A's from here on out.

    I will have 2 considerations, all my sciences at UTA and over 30 hours of courses at UTA.

    Is there no chance that I would get in the nursing program with my GPA and NOT being partnered?

    After I calculated all my classes including the pre-req nursing classes, it brought my GPA to about a 3.67, unless they round up. ;-)

    This is disconcerting, and if I cannot even be a competitive candidate then maybe I should look at another degree plan. What do you think?

    I am sorry to come bug you all with my questions, but so far I haven't been able to get any responses from my adviser - I hear this is the case for a lot of students!! :-(

  2. by   pilotwife
    T Wiersch -

    I am pretty much in the same boat as you. Graduated from college years ago, earned 1 C, took 30 credit hours at UTA - earned all A's. You can do it. My science gpa is 4.0, overall is 3.65. 2 considerations (took 30 credit hours at UTA, and 3 of the sciences at UTA.) I think we have 3 considerations if they count a previous degree. I am not partnered, either. I spoke to my advisor a few days ago and asked her if she believed my grades were competitive enough for admittance into the program. She told me that my grades put me in the "competitive range for the program" but to keep in mind that "it depends on the applicant pool each semester." Sort of vague, but at least it gives me hope. Unless you are partnered, I think they pretty much will not even consider you unless you have at least a 3.5 gpa. Just stay positive and remember that what is meant to be will be. :-)

    I took Tech Writing and Dev Psych at UTA... if you have any questions, I can help. Good luck!
  3. by   Trenata
    Hi PilotWife,

    Thanks for your input! Luckily I am a SAHM, my child is in kindergarten, so I have about 5-6 hours to study everyday if needed and try to get some exercise in...I would love to hear your thoughts on how many classes that you think are feasible per 8 weeks. Right now I am signed up for 2, Biol 1441 and Sociology. I have Dev Psych along with A&P I starting in March. I will take any input or thoughts you have to offer about the classes. I have never taken an online class with UTA, so really have no ideas about what it will be like.

    I don't have a bachelors degree just and associates. So that leaves me with 2 considerations and perhaps a barely competitive GPA if I get A's in everything from here on out. That is a lot of classes to get A's in...
  4. by   pilotwife

    I am also a SAHM. :-) Ages 1 & 3. I left my previous employer after my second child was born because my job required me to travel extensively. I decided to change careers and began taking classes when my second child was 6 months old.

    I did not have to take Biol 1441 or Sociology (I took those years ago), but I did take Dev Psych and A&P I. Personally, I would not take more than 2 classes in an 8 week period. They are usually more intense and time consuming since there is a ton of worked crammed into such a short period of time.

    A&P I requires you to take a quiz for each chapter (10 questions, 45 minutes, open book, not too bad.) There are several labs (easy), 3 lab practicals (pretty easy), 4 exams (challenging), and 1 final exam (EASY). The final is made up of all the quiz questions and is an easy A. But there is a lot of reading, so be prepared for that.

    Dev Psych did not require me to take quizzes, homework assignments, etc. Just read the text and take the exams. I did not think it was bad, but some students complained about the exams being too difficult/tricky. Just answer the questions in the book and take the practice tests. They help a lot.

    The biggest thing is: stay on top of assignments, stay organized, and manage your time. You can pull A's. I read on another thread that students who take a majority of prerequisites at UTA tend to get into the program (with GPA's similar to ours), but who knows. I'm just hoping for the best. Good luck!!
  5. by   Trenata
    It sounds like organization is big and lots of reading. Fortunately, I have online education experience after completing a 2 year certification in Nutrition online. Although they did an excellent job with lectures, reading materials and over all organization. Once you got through one class, each class was designed in the same way.

    The difference with UTA, I guess is that with each instructor every class will be different. Are there any lectures? One of the things I loved at my old university was being able to download lectures CD and listen to them everywhere I went. I haven't heard anything about lectures at UTA, so I am guessing they aren't available in many classes if any for the online courses.

    Thanks for your thoughts! It is helpful to know what to expect!
  6. by   pilotwife
    Most of my classes had lectures - they were located within the course module on Blackboard. Sometimes you have to watch videos, powerpoints, etc. Just depends on the class.
  7. by   kajnkween
    Hi there you two!
    I just had my orienation yesterday for the AP BSN program at UTA - thrilled beyond measure that I got into the program, and so ready to get started.
    I can say this - I have friends who did not get into the program because of GPA - so if in doubt, retake the course that is lowering your GPA before you ever even apply. I am not partnered ~ and many who are in the program with me are not ~ so I think that that is a personal decision if you will or will not gamble on being partnered prior to application. There are many who are partnered who did not get in. I had 1 of the points that they give for consideration - only the prior BS degree - and I got in on my first application. It can be done - some of it is luck, some of it is slots available, and definitely your science grades are considered - I had A's in Micro, Chemistry, Pharm, Patho and both A & P's - even if you have to retake one of those to get an A, do it!
    The method of presentation depends on the professor, but most of mind did present power points and podcasts through blackboard. The podcasts are, alot of times, the same "lecture" that is presented to the in-seat students. The AP classes are on a slightly different schedule, so you just work around that.
    If you are interested in the in-seat program, it's really basically the same information just has longer breaks between semesters.
    Good luck! If you have specific questions, just PM me!
  8. by   Trenata
    I sat down and recalculated my GPA. I actually came up with a 3.76 if I get all A's in everything from here on out (I made a mistake in my first calculation). I decided for now at least, that if I don't get in on my first application, then I will retake anything I need to in the semester that I wait to reapply. Having 2 considerations is helpful as well! If a job becomes available at one of the local hospitals near my home that is is PRN, I will conisder applying esp. if I don't get into the nursing program the first time. I wonder if they weight the science GPA over the overall GPA. My PLAN is to get a 4.0 science GPA. I haven't started any sciences yet , so I have no idea what to expect. Also I was assuming that they used the classes that were listed in my advising packet as classes that were required for the BSN, but I have no idea which classes they actually accepted into the program and will be listed in my transcript.

    Thanks for the input kajnkween - good luck in nursing school! :-)
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  9. by   Violach
    TWiersch, you can do it! Just give it your all. I applied with a 4.0 science, but all I have taken so far are both A&P's, and Chem (all at UTA.) I met the requirements to apply for the fall 2013 start date, but I am wondering if they will deny me bc they want to see what I make in the rest of the science classes? I still have to take Micro, Pharm, Patho, and Intro to Nursing. I have 3 considerations, 3.65 overall (thought it rounded up to 3.7, but I think they round to the hundredths place.) I guess if I don't get in this time around, I better ace these other classes!!

    Kajnkween - thanks for the info! You rocked in the sciences! Congrats on getting in! If you don't mind me asking, what was your overall GPA?
  10. by   kajnkween
    My GPA is 3.875. When you apply you must present a plan as to how you would accomplish all remaining courses prior to the start date - grades have to clear before you can start because all prerequisite courses are included in your GPA. Best case scenario would probably be that you would be wait listed until complete. They don't officially accept anyone until all grades are complete and first round if letters go out way before end of semester. After first round they review those who are completing prereqs and select from there - hope that helps!
  11. by   Violach
    Bummer. I am enrolled in Intro, Patho and Micro for the Spring. Pharm in the summer. *Sigh* Well, thanks for the info! I really appreciate it!
  12. by   kajnkween
    sure! No problem - they are REAL sticklers for prerequisites - they absolutely must be complete before the program starts - no exceptions; and they are also sticklers for order of classes - you might check with your advisor to be sure that Micro isn't a prereq for Patho? If so you cannot take them together - I had that situation with Chemistry and Patho - couldn't take them together so I had to do Chem at TCC in the summer to get it done.
    Sounds like application for Fall would be your best bet - watch that application deadline!
    Good luck!
  13. by   Violach
    I would have them done before the program begins - just wondering if they would want to see my grades in those classes before they admitted me. :/ Ok, I just double checked - A&P I, II, and Chem are prerequisites for Patho and Pharm. Whew, you had me nervous! Lol.

    Thanks, again!