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Hey y'all! I'm about to start taking my prereqs this summer to meet the Jan 5, 2010 app deadline for the University of Texas at Arlington Second Degree Fast Track Program. Anyone around... Read More

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    OK, I got the emails again saying I have been accepted! I hope it's true this time. I emailed my advisor but she hasn't responded yet...
    Did anyone else get an email???

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    Wow Congrats Goopsy!!! I hope that means that we will find out for the regular bsn program this week too!
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    Well, I am glad I didn't get too excited this time. Turns out they send that email out everytime an AP academic session begins...the new one begins on nov 2 or something like that. I am getting tired of getting emails saying "Congrats on your entrance into the SON Program!" and then it turns out to be a falsie. GRRRRRRRR...
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    I am not impressed with UTA.
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    yah, I am not too impressed with all of the emails. But I do understand that it's the first semester they are having this fast track program, so bumps are kind of exprected. It sucks, but I still think the regular nursing program as a whole is pretty good.
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    Has anyone received an acceptance letter yet for the UTA fast track program? Supposedly the letters have not been mailed yet, but someone else has already received theirs through the mail. This is strange to me.
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    Ok, I got my acceptance letter in the mail. This mail thing is so stange lol.
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    Congrats, Goopsy! You must be so stoked.

    I am thinking of applying to the program as well (for the subsequent term). I noticed the prereqs list General Chemistry, though. I'm in Intro right now -- and that is quite enough for me ... really don't want to do another, harder one! Did you take General, or is that negotiable?

    P.S. Hi Miss Pink! I think I saw that you got accepted to two UTs. Congrats to you as well!
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    No, it's not negotiable at all. I had gen chem with a B in it, and intro with an A in it. I was hoping they would take the intro grade, but they took the gen chem even when I asked them to take the intro. Honestly gen chem is just like intro. I did not see the difference!
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    Oh jeez that is a huge bummer! Thanks for the heads up. Did you take general just for UTA? What's odd is the other UTs don't care which you take. :-/

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