NURS 3425 Holistic Health Assessment - page 7

Anyone starting Nurs 3425 (Holistic Health Assessment) at UTA RN-BSN on Sept 24th?... Read More

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    Do you think we have to type down the name of every single lymph node on the objective part?



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    Quote from commonsense
    I wouldn't hurt to put as much info as possible Amy. I feel like I'm being to wordy with the assessments too, but I don't think they're going to take points off the work being too extensive.
    I agree! Wordy and somewhat repetitive, but they count off for omissions not extras. I hope...
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    Quote from rosi1009

    Do you think we have to type down the name of every single lymph node on the objective part?


    I did, but I grouped some together. Like the ones I could palpate were group into one sentence. The ones I could not feel (deep cervical & posterior cervical) were put together in one sentence. Example- "Deep and posterior cervical nodes non-palpable and non-tender". Just mention as much as you can, that is what should count. I am already sick of this assignment and hate eyes & ears!
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    Hello Ladies,

    How is it going?
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    I don't know what happened, but my discussion grade in wk 1 was changed from 50% to 100%. Did anyone else realize this?
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    Glad they changed your grade. I think some were having problems finding the rubrics during the first week of class. Just realized that the last test is comprehensive, ugh, and worth about 30% of the grade. How is everyone else?
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    I noticed that there was a comprehensive test too. Didn't realize that it was 30% of the grade. Guess I gotta make it work.
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    This class is so frustrating! I can't never get the discussions right, I got another 50% because I didn't know I needed the "AEB", ugh! I didn't see any instructions about how to do the discussion. I haven't started on this week's assignments yet, and I can't believe we have a comprehensive test worth 30% :O

    How are you all doing?
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    rosi1009, jadiva, & commonsense,
    Looking at the last assignment I wonder if copy & paste would be appropriate. I can't believe we have to write all those assessments again. My AC said we should start now with our corrections made so we won't get behind. Seriously?...
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    Week 5 apparently is comprehensive assessment. I haven't even looked at it yet. Yes, I think this class is a lot of work for nurses that have to work with families. It's too much now.

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