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Anyone starting Nurs 3425 (Holistic Health Assessment) at UTA RN-BSN on Sept 24th?... Read More

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    Happy New Year, everyone! I am a bundle of nerves after reading this thread. I have enrolled to take NURS 3335 Health Promotion and NURS 3425 Holistic Health Assessment this month. Oh, how I wish I would've found this thread beforehand. Have I truly make a bad choice by taking them together? Any advice is welcomed!! Thanks so much!

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    I also registered for 3425, the one starting Jan 14th....see you there! We should start a new threat for it Do you know if we need to buy a book for this class or any of the nursing classes, or is all of the info that we need in the online resource section?
    Happy New Year
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    Hello!! Sorry, I dropped the course and added Nursing Leadership and Management. From reading this thread, I decided I should take it alone. The book that was recommended for the class is Health Assessment in Nursing Weber 4th edition and a Nursing Bar chart. Good luck!!!
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    Hello ALL!
    I start Holistic Health Assessment this month, and I am SOOOO nervous. For those of you who have taken the class, are there are specific books we need to purchase? Or any books you purchased for extra help? If so, can you please post the names & editions so I can rent online? The bookstore is very expensive to buy from.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Mansi. I rented my books online too. You need the text and lab book only (books are definitely needed). Go to the UTA bookstore and pull up the course and the books needed are listed there which is Webers Text and accompanying Lab manual. That's all you need. Good Luck!
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    I'm curious to know how much of the reading really is necessary? There is quite a bit and it's very detailed. Can you successfully pass the tests/quizes without thoroughly reading the text assigned reading?
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    From what I remember, you need to read through the assessment data at the end of the chapter, at the least.

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