Need some advice regarding sequence of classes

  1. I will be starting the AP RN to BSN program in August and I have around 10 preqs that I still need to take. Should I follow the course map and still have around 8 prereqs when I finish the program or should I complete those classes first and then do the nursing classes?Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   vle4
    I think you should take your general classes first. You can't start professional nursing (first nursing course you have to take first) without taking english comp 1 and 2 first. And you must take statistic before nursing research and technical writing is a pre req to one of the courses i forgot which one. I would get those general ed classes out of the way first then you can take any classes in any order afterwards. Except professional nursing must be first nursing course and capstone last
  4. by   kcdunlap
    I would plan to take a few of the prereqs first. Good Luck.

    Ps Is Kimball your last name? It caught my eye as that is my first name.
  5. by   amyrnfa
    Hi lilkimball05,
    I just started this program in March. I only have 5 general ed courses to take. I completed 2 so far and decided to start Tech Writing this month and Com A/B in July. Since not every nursing course is offered each 5 week start, I think I will like taking a gen ed course with a nursing course so I always have something to work on. So far the general courses have been doable 2 at a time, but I will take Statistics in the fall by itself. If it turns out better than I thought I can always start another nursing course half way through. I really like how they stagger the courses for nursing and general ed.
  6. by   Meriwhen
    I started with taking a few of the nursing classes first. Next I'll be taking the two politics classes together (I know, I'm a masochist). After that, I'll take the history classes along with the rest of the nursing classes. My goal is to have all classes done before I take my Capstone, which right now is tentatively April 2013.

    OP: at least get the composition/writing classes and statistics done, so then you'll be free to start taking nursing classes. You can intersperse the rest of the general ed classes with the nursing classes.
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  7. by   lilkimball05
    Thanks everyone for responding and helping me with this dilema. Each one of you had valid points and actually my decision will be a combination of the responses. I will take my technical writing and statitics this semester then I will take the nursing courses and the rest of my prereqs together going forward. Kcdunlap, my last name is not Kimball but I did attend a school once by that name.
    Thanks again everyone you rock!!!!!