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I just applied to UTA's online RN-BSN program that starts at the end of Feb. Curious to hear any feedback on the program. I sent in all my transcripts and am waiting to hear what they take and what I... Read More

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    Hello all! I start the program end of March. I am so excited. Anyone else starting then?

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    I don't feel comfortable with the technical writing course. Anyone taken it previously? What exactly is expected and do you have any old papers I could look at to get an idea of what the instructor is looking for?
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    Quote from trinitymaster
    I don't feel comfortable with the technical writing course. Anyone taken it previously? What exactly is expected and do you have any old papers I could look at to get an idea of what the instructor is looking for?
    I just finished Technical Writing a few weeks ago. It was a bit intense (especially week 3), if you have an opportunity to work ahead on that week, I would highly recommend it. I received an A in the class. The important thing is to show that you utilized your resources and back up your opinions with citations. I'm not sure how much help sample papers would be. UTA is very strict about plagiarism... every paper is run through a safe assignment program that detects it. Make sure to cite your sources even if you paraphrase the info.

    I'm not sure what else to say without knowing other specifics. I found the class full of busy work but not incredibly hard. Good luck! You can do it, just breathe.
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    I finally received my "transfer report" just now. I initially wanted to start in Feb but one of my transcripts didn't make it in time. I am now supposed to get in contact with an advisor to see what goes towards the BSN. I am hoping they take quite a bit. They didn't even direct me to a specific person, just "academic advisor". I am hoping to start next month. It seems as if there are a lot of us in the program. Good luck to all : )
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    I am jumping on this boat as I am a "lady in waiting" with all of my info in the hands of the UTA admission Gods. I hope to start in April! Howdy all!
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    Well It has been 3 months just about and the verdict, if you are a nurse licensed in Texas you will have no problems...all others good luck, the school is not very easy to navigate thru and its own staff has admitted this..there are ALOT of issues I am encountering...I am still continuing on but if it gets to the point of too much i may jump ship and go over to WGU..
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    Let me just say really quickly the work itself is not bad it's the processes that are being used that are not making things user friendly..templates for submitting documents can't be altered, getting straight answers to questions posed to advisors, i have learned some god information key words "I learned", it is not what I expected...
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    So far, I have an A in both the Nursing Transition class and technical writing course. It is difficult. I am stressed out and sometimes I don't know rather to puke or cry. I believe the most difficult part is navigating your way around the system.
    With my assignments, I cite everything. Even the words "I like coffee." would receive a citation. Week three is getting ready to start and my stress level has doubled. It is extremely difficult working full-time and going to school, especially online school. Brick and Mortars are somewhat easier. If you can afford it and don't have to work full-time to support a family, then I would skip the online schools and go brick and mortar (at established universities, of course).

    However, if you don't have the time to spare, then I would recommend UTA online RN-BSN. Tough courses, but if they had been easy, then I would have dropped the first week. I've heard of easier ways to get your BSN, but it's always possible for the easy schools to lose their accreditation. Then your BSN would become worthless.
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    I haven't had any problems with navigating--then again, I have under my belt several years' experience with attending school online so learning my way around Epic was pretty fast. You really do have to cite your sources a lot more thoroughly because of the ease of plagarism (sp) due to the internet being the internet. I ended up having to cite myself in one of my papers!

    If you are not in TX, get your hands on a copy of your state's NPA because you really WILL need to use it. A lot of assignments are done as though you are practicing in Texas, but for the ones that aren't, you will need to be able to cite the rules and regulations of your own NPA.
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    I find that it's not so nurse friendly if you are not from Texas
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