Holistic Health Assessment

  1. Does anyone have any pointers for this class?? I am struggling with the quizzes... I read the chapters, lectures, and watch the videos and i'm having difficulty finding the answers in the textbook. Also, I have read they are very particular with the health assessments, any pointers for those? Thanks!
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  3. by   RunHeatherRun
    I am taking this currently. I am hoping they will grade our assignments from last week today so I can get started on the next assignments with any changes. I tried to be as thorough as possible, making sure I used all qualifiers (mmHg, bpm, etc). We shall see.

    As far as the quizzes go, I have only taken the first but use the index in the back of the book to locate the page number. Just remember, you are a nurse and you know how to do assessments, trust your gut on some of those questions.
  4. by   skimtnrn
    Thank you Heather. I received a grade for one assignment, and I did well. I forgot to add mmHg, bpm, etc. But I still did well. I'm waiting on the subjective assessment. That's my problem with the quiz though, i'm thinking like an ED nurse... I got an 80% on it, and that's the lowest grade I have gotten in this program. I am trying to do well in this class, and I am completing all the required readings so it was a bit frustrating. What do you mean look at the back of the index in the book???
  5. by   Tifftazia
    I also heard somewhere that printing out your tests are helpful for the final. Of course I didn't hear this until after the first quiz.
  6. by   RunHeatherRun
    If you use the index for key words in the question, you can get the page number to find whatever it is that they are asking about. For example, goniometer. I didn't remember reading that so I looked in the index and found out what page number it was on.
  7. by   Tifftazia
    I am really feeling stressed out about this class. I am working on my second week assignments right now and I thinking....what if the person doesn't have issues with a certain category? How are we suppose to write a COLDSPA on them? Are they wanting us to make stuff up? I got beat up pretty bad the first week and I am a straight A student. Now I'm not even sure if I can get an A in the course and I am stressing over every aspect of the course.
  8. by   RunHeatherRun
    What about a mild headache, heartburn, feeling tired, difficulty falling asleep last night, allergies flaring up, upset stomach, anxiety surrounding something going on in their lives, concern over a family member/child's actions? Everyone has something, it doesn't have to be an illness, just a complaint that is subjective. I have heard the first week is brutal because of the degree of accuracy/nitpicking they are doing on assignments. You can do this, take a deep breath. It's a new week!
  9. by   ladyD123
    You guys are doing great, let's continue to push it. I am also in this class, very stressful and time consuming class. Please, beat on every single thing in the lab book, if your patient doesn't have any of the symptoms, write client denies having....., that's it. My only challenges now is the quiz, the time is not enough, and i'm not doing well with it. I will try looking at the index as fast as i can, it is not all that easy.
  10. by   GrnMtn21
    I agree that the quizzes are not the easiest...I did well last week on the assessments, but this week I forgot to do COLDSPA blah :/ this class is tough! I have been going through the lab and textbook as a resource. I'm not sure how I did this week... It's harder to predict how they will grade. I'm taking two other classes at the same time so I'm rather stressed! What do you guys have left for classes?
  11. by   RunHeatherRun
    It is taking forever to get grades back. I understand the coach has a lot of material to cover but I am dying to know about my objective. It was very time consuming and I'm nervous.
  12. by   skimtnrn
    How is everyone doing? Is it getting better?
  13. by   RunHeatherRun
    So far so good. I wouldn't call the class difficult. The challenge is the time consuming assessment that needs to be typed up. It's very much busy work. If you are very specific and remember to say "bilaterally" or "All 10 fingers" then you should be good on the assessments. I haven't had a problem with the quizzes so far but I can understand the struggle, some of the questions are open to interpretation and can be very frustrating. Plus, you can't go back and change answers. Discussion posts are easy.
  14. by   RunHeatherRun
    Oh! And the assessments are due at 0800 on Thursdays, which is not very conducive to the working student's schedule.

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