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Hello Everyone, Is there anyone starting Capstone at UTA 02/29/2016? I've been looking over all the modules in the class seems like a lot! Also directions are very vague. How was the grading in this... Read More

  1. by   nurselindah
    Quote from hawaiin_ginger
    Can you give me some insight on the research course? I have that class, capstone and math left. Is there a 35 page paper due in that class? How many papers do you have to right and what is the minimum length allowed. Thank You in advance. Have you taken Capstone yet? If so, can you also give me some insight.
    I will try to remember! Research is the hardest class, content wise, I thought. On the surface it seems easy, but the "tests" they give are more difficult than they appear. You really need to read the book and view the weekly lecture hours to do well. I recommend using all the resources they provide if you want an "A". Your research paper should only be 4 content pages long, unless they changed something. You will also have to do a power point presentation on a topic related to your research. That was actually harder for me. They hard grade the discussions, so make sure you are complete in all your posts.

    DO not double up these remaining courses-you will be quickly overwhelmed. Unless you are a whiz child, or something of that nature.

    I went into Capstone thinking it would be a breeze, based on some of the other posts here, so I almost doubled that up with my elective. SO GLAD I DIDN'T! Capstone is the class where they really test what you learned, and are pretty unforgiving on the grading of all of it, the papers AND discussion boards. I lost 8 points on one paper because of formatting issues. There are two papers and lots of discussion posts. I also had a power point presentation that was 16 slides long! The papers are not long, because they want you to be concise! This class is also hard graded.

    I hope this helps! I don't think I violated any rules here by pointing out these things, but if I had known some of this, I would have been able to plan better. Still, I am glad these were the last classes I took. I managed to get out Summa Cum Laude, but I worked my ass of for it! Good luck, and congrats, you are so close!!!
  2. by   roriti
    Good job nurselindah! I start Capstone tomorrow. I also heard it was a breeze, but now looking at the syllabus, I quickly realized, this class will not "be a breeze". I just finished Research yesterday and that class was very difficult, however, because it was taught and laid out so well, it was definitely one of the classes I learned the most in. There was blood, sweat and many, many tears though! I would say Research was the hardest class in the program for me. Now I am quite nervous about Capstone. I had that "I'm home free now" feeling all day yesterday, and that feeling is gone! My mentality on learning is, if the class is hard, but has good instructors, anyone can pass. It just takes effort. What I fear is, a hard class with poor instructors. It's a crap shoot. My fingers are crossed. I've had people tell me that were in other BSN programs, how easy theirs was compared to UTA. But I want a BSN that I feel like I earned so I can be proud of it. I will be proud of my BSN from UTA!!! It's a great school!
  3. by   melissaholder
    I thought Vulnerable populations was difficult and the health assessment class was difficult as well. The research class scares me!! If I can pass, hopefully I will take capstone beginning next year.
  4. by   Emmie620
    Hi Melissa,
    I just wanted to say that I totally agree with assessment was so hard but I made that class by the grace of GOD. The worse of all classes for me at UTA was seemed like no matter how hard I tried research was just going to not let me have an A in that class...both the test and the article critiques were so difficult for me. I am glad that class is over with....Are you done with your capstone now? how was it?
  5. by   melissaholder
    OK, in research now and it is no joke. This is tough, I managed to maintain an "A' the first two weeks, but this is week 3 and OMG! It is getting hard! The work sheets take forever and I have my first knowledge check coming up-terrified! If I get a "C" and pass, I will be so happy.
  6. by   Heylove
    Quote from melissaholder
    OK, in research now and it is no joke. This is tough, I managed to maintain an "A' the first two weeks, but this is week 3 and OMG! It is getting hard! The work sheets take forever and I have my first knowledge check coming up-terrified! If I get a "C" and pass, I will be so happy.
    Well? How did you do?
  7. by   ThereB4Death
    I am very interested in the UTA RN to BSN program. I see that many of their courses require an "application-based" experience in the community. Would anyone be willing to to speak about these classes and what they entail? Thank you so much in advance.
  8. by   melissaholder
    I made a 89.95, so a "B";so glad to be out of Research class now. Currently in Capstone and I have to say this is my least favorite class. I probably feel this way b/c I'm ready to be finished and this is so much paper work. Every week you have one or two discussion boards, a journal assignment to turn in and between 2-3 additional assignments. I thought after the Capstone Project it would be easier for the last two weeks, wrong!! I have at least two more APA papers to write (just give me my degree already!).
  9. by   diggerdave
    Besides my current courses, I only have nursing research and capstone left in the program. The community experiences I have needed for the program have been:

    Windshield survey of a community you choose and an interview with a public worker in that community like a police officer, teacher, ect.

    An interview with a non-relative that is over 70 years old.

    A shadow/interview with a nurse manager that is 2 levels or more above you or you can arrange for one outside of your workplace.