4/8 health promotion 3335

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    Anyone out there going to be starting Health Promotion on 4/8? Or anyone already completed Health Promotion and willing to share tips?

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    I will be starting on 4/8.
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    Finished it last fall, easy if you do the reading and assignments. Try to find the book cheap, you probably won't be keeping it or using it again after the class.
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    I will be starting it to, if I make it past research
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    I will be too anything at this point will be better than research;-(
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    I heard research is pretty awful. I plan to take it in May. Not looking forward to it.
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    Thank you! I have been renting my books through Barnes and Noble. It usually costs no more than $20.
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    Which book are y'all reading? I bought the move one, but then some of my friends recommended the do no harm one.
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    Quote from Neonursej
    I will be starting it to, if I make it past research
    Passed research......wow, what a class, if it lasted any longer several of us would have committed ourselves
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    I'm starting the course on 4/8. Bought "To Do No Harm" and I'm 1/2 through it. Pretty interesting read. Will be starting Research course in May, too. Not looking forward to it!

    Does anyone else see the course on Blackboard yet? I haven't gotten an email and I don't see the course on Blackboard. My account shows paid and enrolled. Usually I get some kind of notification the Friday before class starts. They may be on Spring break this week.

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