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  1. Hello,

    Does anybody know anything about this company? I am going to try travel nursing and I am thinking about going with this company. Are they reputable?
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  3. by   cariad
    i have never worked for them but have worked with nurses who were on assignment with them. depends where you are going as i only know about the ones who were in st croix, in the virgin islands.
  4. by   NurseMelRN
    I work for them for a month in St. Croix. So far they have been a great company to work for.
  5. by   pattycake
    I've been checking out travel agencies and this one perked up my interest...after going to their website, I was wondering, for those of you who have experience with them, if they pay for your housing and health insurance, or are you expected to pick these up at your cost? thanks...pattycake
  6. by   NurseMelRN
    They advertise that they pay housing. The deal I have they just give a generous housing allowance and you find your own. They do have health insurance but for a family it's really expensive. We've found a way around that cost by going through a local insurance carrier here in the VI. Much more economical. If you don't use their insurance, they will even pay you $46/week so that you can find your own. So far I really love the company but I've only worked for them for 1 month. Nothing negative at all to say about them. If you are going to travel, I'd stay away from the VI though. The working conditions I'd have to say are less than ideal. In fact it's truly shocking at the assignments they expect you to take with the systems they have in place. (The hospital, not the agency). As I said before, the agency is great.
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  7. by   123DanceWithMe
    Does anyone know if $23 hour is a good travel rate for Birmingham, Alabama? What benefits should I expect in a package. Is this low if it includes housing? Jilly
  8. by   sassyg0110
    VI...sounds great...what kinds of ratios and acuity are we talking here? Is the equipment up to date? are the standards of care similar to Continental US? Are your fellow nurses well trained? Are the docs well trained?

    Sorry about all of the questions...

    Enjoy the view, the sun, the sand.....<sigh>
  9. by   777RNThatsMe
    Boy I'm waiting with baited breath for this answer....I'd love to go to the VI.
  10. by   cariad
    hi nursemelrn,,,,,,what floor are you working on? I would love to hear whats happening there, as I was there for 18 months and left there in january.
  11. by   123DanceWithMe
    VI is a greta place! I was there several years ago and it is heavenly! I wasn't working so can't tell you much about that side of it. If you go you have to visit St. John - it is the most beautiful place I've been. I would check out the hospitals carefully as it is an island, similar to the Bahamas.
  12. by   cariad
    there is only one hospital on the island....its called the governer juan f luis medical centre. the island is 8 miles wide and 28 miles long with 69,000 people living there.
  13. by   moonrose2u
    can you elaborate on the assignments?
  14. by   islandbsn
    I Do Not Recommend World Wide Nor Gov Juan F Luis Hospital. The Agency Does Not Support Their Nurses And The Hospital Is Deplorable. I Was Left In The 16 Bed Er By Myself With 1 Doctor And 1 Secretary. That's Right No Other Staff. And The Agency Told Me That The Hosp Was Not Asking Me To Do Anything That They Would Not Ask Thier Own Staff Nurses To Do. I Worked There For 2 Years First For 6 Mos Then After Moving To St Croix I Worked There For 1.5 Yrs. My First 6 Mos Were With American Mobile, Then 9 Mos With Medical Services Then World Wide. Before I Cancelled My Contract With World Wide I Took It To A Local Attorney Who Said The Contract Was Bogus. It Was A One Way Contract Where The Nurse Had Absolutely No Rights. In Fact If I Wanted To I Could Sue Them For Supporting Unethical Working Conditions.

    St Croix However Is Imho One Of The Best Islands In The Caribean. This Is Now Home For Me. I Will Work As A Traveler Off Island For 3-6 Mos Then Come Home.

    I Hope That Other Nurses Who Read This Thread And Are Looking Into Working For World Wide Look Into It Real Good Because As I See It I Have No Respect For Nurses Who Tolerate That Type Of Working Condition. Most Doctors Have Told That Things In Nursing Will Only Change When Nurses Finally Say, " Enough Is Enough." I Can Go On About All My Experiences At Juan Luis Hosp If Any One Wants To Know Details. It Was Really My Only Bad Experience In Nursing And Traveling.