Who do you use to manage your housing?

  1. Company Housing vs Private vs Extended Stay vs Craigslist etc

    Just wanted to hear from other travelers out there as to how they managed their housing

    Do you take what the company offers you, or do you find your own? If so, what resources do you use to find your housing?
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  3. by   NedRN
    I started doing my own housing after my first assignment, both for special needs (I like housing within 7 miles to bicycle commute), and to save money. I did accept agency housing perhaps three more times, but otherwise I've always done my own for the last 18 years.

    A lot of travelers use extended stays, AirB&B, vhbo, sublet, or roommates (dot com) but I've never used any of them (I don't like extended stays, even if they cost less than they do). I cruise Craigslist and post in housing wanted there too, look in local papers (especially the free ones), and college and hospital message boards. I have also used a couple of times local property managers but much prefer owner managed housing - more flexible and they recognize the value of a nurse traveler.

    I've only had one semi-bad experience that I can think of, because I didn't meet everyone in a roommate situation before accepting. And even that turned out OK.

    There are also two medical travel housing specialists (many agencies now outsource with them) that I know of; Traveler's Haven and Med Temp Housing. If you prefer turnkey housing, that might be a good way to go.
  4. by   sweetgurly25
    like NedRN said it all depends. i have found luck posting on craigslist. i have extended stays and i have let the company find me housing. its best to go with what you are comfortable with and what is financially fisible.
  5. by   dance4life
    I have had luck doing it on my own for two years via Craigslist. I was able to sublet once in NYC which is probably impossible! The last two time the agency did it for me. Once via Travel Haven, which was AWESOME! Now I am having a hard time where Travel Haven placed me. It had nothing as listed on what they offered but an empty place lol! It has been a hard weekend. Could be worse could be in my car. My agency is trying to fix it but it was Friday and now it is the weekend. I am hoping they don't charge me full price for what I didn't get.

    Since I used them for my last assignment I didn't expect any problems. All I had to do was bring my clothes. It was great. Of course Management of the so called "Luxury Apartments" have no clue and I have no idea if they have anything to do with it. Of course they have a towel to shower with when they go home. You never know with travel and you always need to expect something stupid to come about. So now I am 50/50, with the whole use Travel Haven service. I had to buy some things things in order to function this weekend. When I could of been at the beach. Thanks for the roll of toilet paper Travel Haven/Hudson Row least I had something to wipe with. Hopefully, they fix the problem and make me happy. I travel with family so it was really kind of unacceptable what I walked into. Especially, for the amount of money I am paying for this place!

    Just be weary. It is kind of hard to see for yourself places before you move on when you are hours away. They send you pictures with a list of what is included but that might not be what is included.
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