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In my travel nursing journey :D I'm beginning to read things about HCAs. One of the companies that I am actually speaking with told me today that they are owned by the HCA systems. I've gathered this means that I will be working... Read More

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    You can get through anything for 13 weeks. What I have learned in travel nursing is to get everything in writing. When I interview, I ask for the RN to patient ratio. I have it stated in my contract. If they try to alter it on the job, they are in violation of my contract, and I can cancel. If it's not written down, it never happened. If you are traveling, be smart, and keep an open mind. There is a reason hospitals need travelers, no one wants that job. You will work hard and have the crappy assignments, but you will have 4 days off a week to explore a cool place. I am in Houston right now. I work at an HCA facility. It's very hard work, but I have not felt like my license was on the line. I work my 3 days, and then enjoy the beach on my 4 days off. What I have encountered at HCA is they are very unorganized. Most people are nice. The ones that are not, are unhappy people in general, and usually have an attitude that they should get paid to sit around. I have worked harder at other facilities not owned by HCA. Hospitals in general are always looking to cut costs. Don't expect to travel and have the facility roll out a red carpet for you. They have a need, and expect to hit the ground running. Take initiative to learn the routines, you will not be given a lengthy orientation. Don't expect to change their ways. Focus on delivering good patient care within your scope of practice. If you are put in an unsafe situation, speak up for yourself. Most people do not, and that's where they get into trouble. Your license and your life are not worth losing over cutting corner's.

    Traveling is a great way to make good money and stay out of politics. It's 13 weeks, broken down, that is 39 shifts.....easy.

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