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  1. Another great article Yoga Can Lower Fatigue, Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors AND another one!!! Laboratory Study Suggests Potential Anti-Cancer Benefit of White Tea Extract | NCCAM (about lung cancer prevention and white tea consumption) AND - back to the original post. I think that pursuing an advanced nursing degree (Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner) is the way to go - and then go on to do some post graduate work in Holistic Nursing. That way you have a good foundation to work from. I think this would give you lots of options.
  2. Here's a form of CAM that's been proven to work - millions of people use it everyday. There's also lots of promising research being done currently about yoga for cancer/cancer recovery, stress, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, muscular problems, and pain. Check it out! Yoga as a Complementary Health Approach | NCCAM Mind and Body Approaches for Smoking Cessation: A Review | NCCAM Integrative medicine, or CAM, doesn't have to take the place of conventional medicine - it should be a combination of both forms. It's important to highlight that Americans are actively seeking out "alternative treatments or therapies" more than ever before. Many herbs can have interactions with prescription medications. As health care providers, we need to be knowledgeable about these interactions. It's ignorant to think that we shouldn't educate ourselves about something even if we don't agree with it. Yes, there are more studies that need to be done to prove the efficacy of specific forms of CAM... and that is EXACTLY what's currently happening. Most people would be surprised at the information out there, if they actually took the time to look into current research.
  3. yogalove

    New Travel RN, looking for advice on companies

    79tango re: new travel rn, looking for advice on companies you are new and i can tell your heart is in the right place so im be nice too.. however with everything you have just typed why are you even asking about all of these other companies? seriously, what is up? tango - here is my answer. nothing is "up." i'm not currently "asking" about "all of these other companies." i didn't ask anything in my last post. i simply stated some companies who have been good to work with in the beginning phases of setting up a travel contract. yes, in my original post i did ask for some suggestions of companies. that is all i was looking for, and that is all i'm trying to give to others. i don't want to just take, take, take! i wanted to also give some sort of feedback on this site after i've done some initial work, much like others have given feedback to me. i'm not really looking for names of companies anymore. just trying to give encouragement to others in my same boat.
  4. yogalove

    What do you know about HCAs???

    thanks everyone!!! these horror stories are scaring me.... i talked to a friend who did travel nursing for some hca facilities. she agreed with what was stated...there is a high patient to nurse ratio. but, she also said that if you think about it, all you have to do is get through the 13 weeks of work, and when you're not at work you're in a cool new place. she thought it wasn't that bad. (i guess it probably really depends on the facility you're working in too...) is there anyone else that agrees with her?
  5. yogalove

    New Travel RN, looking for advice on companies

    yes, tango this is true. i'm definitely not trying to hype a company that i haven't been placed on assignment with....which is why i stated that i haven't been put on assignment yet. i just know what it feels like to be completely new to looking into travel nursing, and sometimes pointing someone in a certain direction can help. just trying to provide support for others!!!! i know i don't want to go looking into a company that everyone has had a bad experience with. that's all..... i haven't been placed on assignment yet d/t a small road block in my travel experience that i didn't mention in my last post........i've been doing home health nursing for the last 2 years. (before that i did hospital work for 3 years). i want to get into travel nursing getting back into the acute care setting. cctc offered to get me travel positions in home health nursing, but i don't think i want to do that. cctc is the only one who could have me travel off of my current home health experience. all the other companies i talked to stated that you must have 3-6 months current inpatient experience before you can travel. since i don't want to do home health travel nursing, i'm going to pick up shifts around my local hospitals for the next 3-6 months and then get placed. yes, i will give more feedback once i have actually gotten an assignment. i'm not trying to lead anyone astray here.......just trying to help and give some suggestions based on my experiences thus far! p.s. tango - not everyone has been nice so far. i've actually had a few companies be very rude to me when they found out that i worked in home health for the past 2 years.....and i don't see any reason for that! :)
  6. yogalove

    Any input on tavel nursing compaines??American mobile?

    this feedback is awesome. it's kinda of crazy how two people can have such different experiences within the same company. it can make first time travelers extremely wary!!! i did check out the highway hypodermics website, and that seemed to have a lot of good info on it, so thanks for the link! there's so many companies out there it's hard to choose, but i've had positive results talking with a couple of companies so far: cctc, parallon (formerly all about staffing) and rn network. jennabebe - you mentioned you might want to switch companies, but don't want to switch insurance. does this mean it's a pain in the a** to switch companies? i've kind of been wondering about that....what happens if you're traveling with one company but decide to travel with another one. it seems like a lot of travelers do this......
  7. yogalove

    New Travel RN, looking for advice on companies

    hello again to everyone and thank you for your many responses!! desta - i did find a company that i think has been great so far. it's called parallon. now, i can't say this from experience of taking an assignment with them, i've just been talking with them, and from my experiences with them so far - they are awesome!! as many people have said, it depends on your recruiter, and mine seems to be very competent and extremely nice. i've been looking at some things online (like the delphi forum among others) and it seems like rn network and medical solutions are companies that have high satisfaction from the nurses that travel with them. i've also talked with cctc about positions in the cali/oregon/wash area and they have lots of positions available out there....
  8. yogalove

    What do you know about HCAs???

    No one knows anything about HCA facilities? Really??!! Hoping someone can give me some input. Thanks!! **
  9. yogalove

    Herbal Medication CEU's anyone...??

    Just wanted to quickly add that it says on the website that it costs money. BUT you can access the info from the link, and also the test without having to pay money if you're willing to print off your certificate of completion on your own! just FYI...
  10. Just thought I'd share a find with everyone :heartbeat If you're interested in 10 CEU credits for RN's in Herbal Medication, here's a link. You can access the course work online, and print it off if you'd like, but you don't have to. You can take the test online as well. https://www.netce.com/coursecontent.php?courseid=645#BEGIN Happy learning!!
  11. yogalove

    What do you know about HCAs???

    In my travel nursing journey I'm beginning to read things about HCAs. One of the companies that I am actually speaking with told me today that they are owned by the HCA systems. I've gathered this means that I will be working in an HCA hospital. What does this mean?? I looked HCA up online and found out that it's the Hospital Corporations of America. I've found some old threads on this site, basically stating that HCAs are a nightmare, meaning you will be extremely short staffed. However, I have read that the pay is higher at these places. Is this true??!! My background of floor nursing comes from a VERY busy neurosurgery step down and neurology unit in a large university teaching hospital. I worked there for 2.5 years as a new grad and I know that I can keep up with a very fast pace. I guess I'm just a little skeptical of everything, being new to traveling..... Anyone out there who can shed some more light on what an HCA is and what it's like to work in one?? Any good stories??
  12. yogalove

    Any input on tavel nursing compaines??American mobile?

    haha....i felt the SAME way when looking over the notes I'd taken while talking to a recruiter from Cross Country. I do, however, know that there is one company out there that will guarantee you 36 hours per week, and they will pay you even if you get called off by the hospital. (Once I'm able to PM, I can PM it to you.) I feel like travel nursing is such a great opportunity that you should try it, and if you don't end up liking it you can always go back to your floor! I've been looking around, doing some shopping between companies online today. I think it's probably best to talk to at least 3 companies, to see what they can all offer you. It can be really hard trying to figure out which company will be good to you....as it seems like they are ALL trying to attract RNs to their company. (They are all making themselves sound gREAT!) What has anyone heard about Freedom Healthcare Staffing?? What about Nurses in Partnership??
  13. yogalove

    Thoughts on this travel company???

    I am curious as well, EmergencyNrse as to what company you are working with....hopefully we can discuss this through PM??
  14. yogalove

    Any input on tavel nursing compaines??American mobile?

    Worldtravelgirl, thanks for your input on CCTC. Yes, they did talk very fast when I talked to them!! I'll keep that in mind about covering the cost of new RN license costs. And weatherbug - i think you have to post at least 15 times before you can PM someone. I'm still trying to figure it out too!
  15. yogalove

    Master's in Holistic Nursing - waste of time?

    I agree that no education is a waste of time or money. I think that a lot of holistic nurses these days (and I could be wrong) are going into private practices. Regardless of whether they have their NP degree or not. I've been doing some looking online and there are lots of successful HN-BC's out there with their own practices who offer aromatherapy, massage, or even nutrition counseling for a holistic lifestlye. I've recently been trying to figure out for myself whether going back to school for a master's in holistic nursing or getting my NP degree would be the best route. As you can see, all of these ways cost money. I'm starting to think maybe school isn't the answer right now, and it's best to focus on what I can do with my current degree (BSN), such as taking classes towards getting my holistic nurse certification, then sitting for the certification test. I really don't know what the success of different kinds of holistic practices are out there.... Is it possible to have long and fulfilling career as a holistic nurse without getting an NP degree or masters of some sort?? (I think/hope so!!):) Thoughts/comments on the differences between these???
  16. yogalove

    Holistic Nursing Advice For A Pre-Nursing Student

    thanks for your reply drolmareiki!!