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  1. Skills performed on tele and/or med/surg floor??

    Please help... I have been a cardiac nurse for the past 8 years, mostly in cardiac procedures (stress testing, moderate sedation, recovering for the cath lab etc.) I have not worked on the floor for a very long time. However, I am very seriously con...
  2. How to prepare for interview

    Hoping to get some insight on what would be good to study before going into an interview for acute/hospital inpatient dialysis RN position. I have been in my present job for five years in cardiac rehab. I do not have any experience in nephrology nurs...
  3. Need advice on case management specialty

    Thanks! I appreciate your feedback! Good food for thought.
  4. Need advice on case management specialty

    Hello, I have been a nurse for a number of years but am in an area that is not conducive to traveling. I want to eventually travel but I'm most interested in doing Case Management. Are there any Case Managers who travel that can give me any advice? ...
  5. Would you dare leave a job you love?

    All very good thoughts and ideas. Thanks so much for your responding. The wonderful thing about nursing as there are various options! Thanks again.
  6. Would you dare leave a job you love?

    I want opinions on what you would do. I have worked in Cardiac Rehabilitation for a number of years and I love my job. However, my job is so simple that I don't do anything that requires nursing skills other than quick assessments and risk factor mod...
  7. Co-workers in Home Health

    I'm a nurse with 5 years of experience and have worked in the same hospital during my five years. Before becoming a nurse, I was in the business world (corporate sales). My office was out of my home and I reported to my boss who was out of State. I a...
  8. What do you know about HCAs???

    What I don't get about HCA hospitals is how in the world they make a profit. The savings on the front end have to be used up on the back end by low patient satisfacation/non-returning business and the cost of high staff turnover. I would NEVER work...
  9. Thinking about changing fields

    I would say work at KU Med Ctr. I'm assuming that you are wanting more training? They are an excellent hospital to work for and they will make sure you have the training necesssary to do your job. Almost all nursing areas will give you 12 weeks of ...
  10. How to get into Cardiac Rehab

    I do not know of any classes specific to cardiac rehab. Good luck to you!
  11. How to get into Cardiac Rehab

    I work in Cardiac Rehab. and you are is a job hard to find and I will NEVER leave because I love it so much! It is my DREAM job. The way I got in was to do exactly what you are doing...get a good, solid cardiac background. Then, I t...
  12. A reson why nursing is a bad career choice...

    For all of you who have posted about your level of unhappiness with nursing, it is discouraging to hear what many floor nurses endure. However, as a suggestion, don't give up on nursing all together. There are soooo many avenues that you can take w...
  13. Is there anyone who works home health in the Kansas City area and can tell me a little more about it? I'm not ready to leave the hospital yet, but considering PRN home health on weekends, evenings etc. to see if it is for me. I've wanted to do home...
  14. What are some unique, non-acute RN jobs?

    Some nurse oversee patients in clinical research studies. Home Health isn't really acute. Might be an idea for you. I work in a very large cardiovascular office where I do moderate sedation for transesophageal echocardiograms, insert IV's for outp...