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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to bring my garage and toy's with... Read More

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    Quote from NurseDianne
    Hey, I'm so glad I found this forum! My husband and I finally have an empty nest and we are very interested in traveling. We are both RN's and now unsure as how to start. We already own a travel trailer, and love to camp. Please email me ASAP and tell me how to start. Suggestions on companies to use, questions to ask...etc.. Also, I do have one more question. Is the money any better? Or am I trading one job for another.
    Thanks Dianne

    Hi there! Tried to email you but wasnt able to send. I am a travel nurse on assignment in Oklahoma and my husband and I are full time RVers. Email me and I will tell you about my agency and be happy to answer any questions you have.
    Pay is probably comparable, but the housing stipend (non-taxed I might add) pays the RV payment, vehicle payment and RV park rental fee. That is the big diffence for us.
    Let me know what questions I can answer for you! I wish I had found this website 6 months ago when I started traveling. It's full of info!
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    Well, I have my first assignment lined up in San Antonio. I will be working the night shift, and start the middle of Sept. My contract ends the middle of Dec, so I may just take a couple weeks off and come home for Christmas! Havent had a Christmas holiday completely off for almost 11 years:spin: ! We are still planning on getting the 5th wheel, decided on the Carriage Cameo 37' with 3 slides. They are really nice, and would be full season for the hot San Antone days. My husband is planning on doing the workcamper thing, and helping his brother, Father Cris, with community service around the university our son's will be attending. Lucky him, gets to semi-retire at 52. All the forums are helpful in what to expect and to think about prior to hitting the road, and really enjoy reading what everyone writes. Will be posting more as things begin to happen, and will let everyone know what is happening with a first time traveler and first time RV'er!
    Happy Travels everyone.
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    If you are close to Houston Texas there is a HUGE RV consignment lot. Every style RV trailer to Class A,B or C can be found here.

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    This site makes me want to up-grade my 33ft. rv. Thanks for the site!!!
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    Quote from RNontheroad
    Pay is probably comparable, but the housing stipend (non-taxed I might add) pays the RV payment, vehicle payment and RV park rental fee. That is the big diffence for us.
    I bought an RV in January and I adore it! I agree that the housing stipend more than pays for the lot fee and the RV payment. Honest, this was the BEST decision I ever made! Now my cat and I travel all over the country! :spin: :spin: :spin:
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    I haven't posted for a while. Have just watched and read the information from all. THANKS.

    I have made the first purchase to actually travel this winter in an RV. I now am the proud owner of a Diesel Dually. Will be able to pull my brothers Toyhauler to Florida this winter and will have an idea of which one to buy next year.

    I was able to return to my previous position in the midwest following the 17 weeks away. I had tried to get a LOA but management decided that wouldn't be a good move for them. They didn't tell me that until I had been gone for two weeks and had called to inquire why I was paid for my PTO when I had requested that it remain. I'm not sure what will happen this winter when I tell them I am heading off to Florida again. I will know before I leave this time though. Look forward to continued reading.
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    Congratulations to you!! Enjoy the sunny south this winter. In the past (so I have heard), Fl. doesn't pay as much as they are so desirable in the winter months and can compete with any state. I hope you got a real deal. Let us know how you like the position and the state.
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    Sorry I didn't have the time to read through this entire thread to see if anyone else had asked this, but here goes:

    I was wondering how much it's costing you to be a travel nurse with your RV? If you have the time, please break it down to RV site costs, utilities, gas, etc. And if you really want to get brownie points, I'm confused about how much your travel agency offers your to travel from one assignment to another?

    Does traveling with an RV as your primary home get you tax exemptions?

    Thanks guys, I'm just so curious!
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    Hey ya'll...We finally bought a 27' travel trailer. Has a slide out......love the large Bathroom.....a must for me. We are on our way.....getting the paperwork ready. Planning to go in May, but getting excited and would like to go earlier. Gary and I are both RN's and need to work the same shift, same hospital like we do know.
    Questions I have......Do you quit your home based job? I think mine will make me. We are talking to Cross Country Travel Corp. Anyone used them? Thanks...
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    Quote from shannon88
    Does traveling with an RV as your primary home get you tax exemptions?
    The answer to your question is no. You must have a "tax home" per my CPA and the IRS. A tax home is your permanent home in a fixed loaction which I fortunately have.

    Last fall I bought a 39 ft fifthwheel toyhauler and this March I left Alaska to start my traveling career in New Mexico. I got lucky and my second assignment is near my home in Alaska (80 miles away so I am still a traveler in the eyes of the IRS).

    The travel expense for me is about $1500 each way (AK - NM) and the agency gives me 300. That's tough but I make it up quick.

    In New Mexico I paid $300 for space rent, $59 sat tv, ~300 RV payment, 800/yr RV insurance and 100 to Good Sam. The agency pays me more than $4700 a month in per diem (housing, travel, and M&I). All of the per diem $'s are tax free.

    I get the same per diem here in Alaska but I pay 600 for space rent. I do rent a space and live in it during the work week because the commute would be too much working nights. On weekends I pull my fifthwheel back to the homestead. It's also great for weekend trips to go fishing or where ever.

    I should have started traveling 20 years ago!! This is great. I take my Harley, 4wheeler, mtn bike, and a small freezer full of salmon and moose with me. I've got a lot of my shop tools with me so I can work on my home and toys. I feel like I'm always at home.

    Good luck and HTH,
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