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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   NurseDianne
    Hey ya'll...We finally bought a 27' travel trailer. Has a slide out......love the large Bathroom.....a must for me. We are on our way.....getting the paperwork ready. Planning to go in May, but getting excited and would like to go earlier. Gary and I are both RN's and need to work the same shift, same hospital like we do know.
    Questions I have......Do you quit your home based job? I think mine will make me. We are talking to Cross Country Travel Corp. Anyone used them? Thanks...
  2. by   duggram
    Quote from shannon88
    Does traveling with an RV as your primary home get you tax exemptions?
    The answer to your question is no. You must have a "tax home" per my CPA and the IRS. A tax home is your permanent home in a fixed loaction which I fortunately have.

    Last fall I bought a 39 ft fifthwheel toyhauler and this March I left Alaska to start my traveling career in New Mexico. I got lucky and my second assignment is near my home in Alaska (80 miles away so I am still a traveler in the eyes of the IRS).

    The travel expense for me is about $1500 each way (AK - NM) and the agency gives me 300. That's tough but I make it up quick.

    In New Mexico I paid $300 for space rent, $59 sat tv, ~300 RV payment, 800/yr RV insurance and 100 to Good Sam. The agency pays me more than $4700 a month in per diem (housing, travel, and M&I). All of the per diem $'s are tax free.

    I get the same per diem here in Alaska but I pay 600 for space rent. I do rent a space and live in it during the work week because the commute would be too much working nights. On weekends I pull my fifthwheel back to the homestead. It's also great for weekend trips to go fishing or where ever.

    I should have started traveling 20 years ago!! This is great. I take my Harley, 4wheeler, mtn bike, and a small freezer full of salmon and moose with me. I've got a lot of my shop tools with me so I can work on my home and toys. I feel like I'm always at home.

    Good luck and HTH,

    Do you have any photos of your toyhauler and suggestions on what to look for. I have looked at several but haven't found the one yet. Have a younger brother that bought one last year and will allow me to "rent" it this winter for my trip to Florida. I believe his is a Raptor but I haven't seen it for about a year and don't remember for sure. There is a Raptor forsale here in Kansas that had never been used. A couple bought it said they never had a chance to use it and now it's on ebay. There was (and maybe still is ) an Alfa Toyhauler in Colorado that I wanted to go out and look at but haven't yet. The Alfa has "basement air". No air conditioners on the roof, not sure how that would work. If you have read all my posts, you know that I have been working with this for a while and haven't made the plunge yet. Did take a travel assignment last winter in Florida and rented a room. It worked out ok but not like having your own home with you. RV sites in Florida are not that plentiful. There are some mobile home parks that allow RV parking on empty lot's but some of them are in less than desirable neighborhoods. Hopefully I can get at least a month in a public park and will be able to find a spot that I can reserve for next year. Thanks again for your information you can pm me or email to lappir1@yahoo.com.
  4. by   NYNurse07
    Thanks for the posts. I graduated in May and my husband and
    I have been thinking about this as a empty nest adventure once the kids are gone in about 10 years or so.

    I have always wanted to see all of the United States and love camping and the RVing thing. I wondered how many people out there were doing this and was pleasantly surprised to see RNs doing this. My husband is a software programmer and we have a couple of side businesses on top of my brand spanking new graduate nurse job -- it's so hard to be low man on the totem pole when I've been top dog in my business for a decade!!! But I am enjoying the thrill of learning... and scared to death I will make a mistake!

    Great to hear all you having fun and doing what I dream about.

    Keep the posts coming - I want to hear about everyone's adventures!

  5. by   duggram

    Since this picture was taken (Feb '07) I have upgraded my pickup to a dually long bed quadcab. For me these trailers are too big for an SRW (single rear wheel) pickup. I had too many close calls on the Alcan to not upgrade.

    I also upgraded my wheels and tires on the trailer to 16", which are much safer than the 15's that came with it. I had two blow outs just bringing it home from Elkhart, IN (I saved >8k buying it at Tiara).

    You should know that Raptor's are about as cheap as you want to go. There are much cheaper, but if you're going to spend any time in one of these you need a little quality. I could not live with patio furniture!!

    Better yet when I upgrade I'm going with a KZ Escalade Sporter. Twice the price but worth it. BTW the Raptor is my first RV.

    If you have the time you might want to got to rv.net and check out the community. They have two forums of interest, Tow Vehicles and Toyhaulers.

    Good luck,
    Thanks Doug,

    Great photo and useful information. I have looked on the Woodalls site but not much on the RV net. Will have to check it out more.
  7. by   pons
    Thanks for the great info trvlnRN. I am planning on doing exactly that. Would you tell me who your contrated with and what health insurance is costing you? Does the housing allowance cover the cost of the MH and what are you able to deduct living out on the road???????????
  8. by   housemomma
    OK here we gooooooooooooooooooo Wife and I are purchasing a motorhome at then end of the month!! may the lord help us and keep us safe!!!
  9. by   Misty1
    Duggram.... what kind of truck do you have? We have a fifth wheel picked out... Doubletree and they are heavey but haven't decided on a truck yet. I think were going to get a Ford 350 with the double back wheels...Deisel
    Finally hooked the truck up to the toyhauler. Everything worked. The hitch was at the right height, all the lights worked and the brakes did their thing. Was a little supprised at how hard the trailer pulled but there was a bit of wind that day. Am saving my money for a performance tuned chip and some gauges. Forgot the camera or I would be posting pictures too. Now all I have to do is find the job in Florida and somewhere to park. Wish me luck.
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  11. by   wandererRN
    Does anyone here own or know of an owner of a Casita or Scamper travel trailer? They are the smaller fiberglass models. I realize some of the manufacurers put better insulation, etc, than others....and have been checking out RV forums about these fiberglass trailers. Just curious if anyone here knows anything...

    I am looking to go full time within 2008..thanks

  12. by   Noahj
    Wow this thread has me really excited!!

    Got a question for anyone here to answer or comment on.

    The wife and i are planning on traveling starting the summer of 09. At that time, our son will be 6 1/2 yrs old. What we are thinking of doing is my wife home schooling while we travel and be involved in local activities (such as a YMCA) to keep him involved with other kids his age.

    However, after reading through this thread i am really considering the RV route as well. Obviously the difference would be living in a RV and at a RV park compared to a condo/apartment.

    Has anyone done this with a young child or know of anyone that has? My concerns would be the room for him. Not sure if this would be an issue or not. I could see him having limited area as a problem. However, we are outdoor people and wouldn't stay inside too much if it was an apartment or an RV. We camp regularly as it is, so being at a campground wouldn't be something new to him (but 13 weeks would).

    So anyone have any opinions about this? The idea of RV traveling is awesome and would love to do it. But is it realistic with a child of 6/7 years old?
  13. by   RNontheroad
    Noah, I would suggest that you get the book Highway Hypodermics. The author is a full-time RVer travel nurse who home schools her son. (or at least did when the book was written.) It may offer some insight for you.
    It is also full of good info for the new traveler. I think there is a new edition that was just released in 2007.
    Best of luck! It is a wonderful lifestyle.