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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to bring my garage and toy's with... Read More

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    what about renting a MV? is that possibility? has anyone done it?

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    There are many companies that rent motorhomes, campers and such for vacations. Usual cost being near what it would cost a family of four to do the same in a motel per day. Not cost effective for a party of one or two. Did ask a few private owners about a lease purchase to ensure I was making to right decision but they were able to sell to another person while I was trying to make up my mind. Did the rent a room deal on my assignment this winter in South Florida. Got lucky and have a good landperson. Won't use the same person next year, still want to do the motorhome and not have to pack and unpack at all.
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    Can anyone tell me if you can still get the housing allowance if traveling in your RV?

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    Yes. I have a RV and receive the housing stipend with each assignment. jackie
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    anyone out there know if it is possible to lease rv's on a long term basis, in which it is not overly expensive? i have been told financing on a rvi is usually arranged for only 10 years. is this true too?

    i presently own a condo, but want to get an rv.

    any suggestions or feedback?
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    I was so glad to see that you are enthusiastic about being a travel nurse in an RV. My husband and I are planning to start travel nursing in the fall, as both of our boys will be attending a University in San Antonio. We have researched different 5th Wheels, campgrounds, and travel companies. Still have not decided on specifics, but have plenty of time to do so. We are looking at Sunny Brook, and Everest as options, and will go to see them the end of this month. Your information has given me other things to look at, and reassurance that this could be a wonderful way of life until the boys graduate and settle down with a career and family. Thanks to all who are contributing to this topic!
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    We have lived full-time for 4 years now in our motorhome, a 40ft diesel pusher with 2 slides. I love it; I don't do travel nursing (yet), but this is our first step toward doing so. I wanted to list a good forum for anyone interested in RV's that I have used a lot. It's motorhomemagazine.com, and it's free. Happy travels!
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    Hi I just joined this forum and wanted to know if travel nursing as a team in a RV is possible. Meaning could both me and my wife get the housing money instead of the apt. I would appreciate any response given on the matter.
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    Hi, my husband and I have been traveling for a year now and we have had a great time. We live in our 40' diesel pusher and the great thing about is that you can't buy a lot of stuff, there's no room. We get our housing in my hourly wages so that our taxes are paid as income since we don't have a permanent home. I have met other travelers, husband and wife teams that travel together. They just can't work in the same unit. The biggest problem we have encountered is that camping areas are usually full by the time we get an assignment. We got the last monthly site in Ft. Myers and we have to rent weekly on our next assignment in Seattle. If you want to go to an area that has peak seasons, like Florida in the winter, it can be difficult to find a camping spot.
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    Hey, I'm so glad I found this forum! My husband and I finally have an empty nest and we are very interested in traveling. We are both RN's and now unsure as how to start. We already own a travel trailer, and love to camp. Please email me ASAP and tell me how to start. Suggestions on companies to use, questions to ask...etc.. Also, I do have one more question. Is the money any better? Or am I trading one job for another.
    Thanks Dianne
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