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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   helenthecat
    Has anyone out there ever done the RV thing while working nights? My husband travels with me, and I have concerns about not being able to sleep, due to his coming/going, or just plain staying in the RV. He is a couch potato, watches a lot of TV. Am not sure that I could sleep with him there, especially if the RV didn't have a seperate bedroom! Also am concerned about noise outside the RV, kids playing, cars driving in/out of the RV park, etc.
    Any thoughts anyone?

    Kathy in Iowa
  2. by   helenthecat
    Any one out there done the RV thing while working nights? I have concerns that I wouldn't be able to sleep. My husband is retired and travels with me. Have concerns about his coming and going, or just staying put. He watches TV all day (the Weather Channel, and Fox News, gag). I don't think, NO, I KNOW I couldn't sleep with him sitting there with the TV on. Also, what about noise in the RV park, people coming and going, cars driving by, kids playing, etc. Does the noise bother you all?


    Kathy in Iowa
    That's a good question, Kathy. I haven't tried to sleep during the day in an RV but I know of people who have. One couple worked nights together so they were both sleeping at the same time. A neighbor last winter in an RV spot in Florida said his wife worked nights in a triple slide class A. She would be bothered by the Lawn "guys" but her husband would sit outside for hours tap, tap, tapping on his drum synthesizer. And that apparently didn't bother her.
  4. by   gradRN2007
    Hi Kathy,
    I work nights and have gotten off and driven to the trailer and slept like a dog with the dogs on the bed! We do have a separate bed slide out and the bathroom is in the middle so hubby stays in the living area and i usually don't hear a thing. also have shades that block out all the light and fan on and air on cold...
    we also have 2 exits one in the living area and one in the bedroom so i am not bothered by anyones coming and going
    good luck, there's always earplugs and eye masks!
    Robin in ft. lauderdale
  5. by   housemomma
    Thus far most campground we have stayed are relatively quite during the day , screaming kids not much until weekend event then no so much . We live in a Class A motorhome and the bedroom closes off from rest of the home. The wife will run a fan in the bedroom while she sleeps :zzzzz to drown out the noise. Like your hushand I am retired and on top of that I have a hearing loss so the TV is ALWAYS TOO LOUD:heartbeat. lol
    Thats when we came up with the fan as background noise and works great!!
    Helpful tips have almost caught up with this topic. Guess I will do my part to keep it on top.

    Am getting closer and closer to purchase of my RV. Spoke with the person buying my house and she says it shouldn't be much longer. Have been looking in Utah but don't think I will buy one here. Sort of worried about the taxes and such. Had looked at a KZ Escalade in Des Moines before heading out this summer and according to their web site it's still there. Got a favorable price in the spring but still didn't know what I was going to be doing with the house. Can't seem to get a salesperson there to respond to my emails and haven't had the time (made) to call.

    Anyone heading to Florida for the Winter?? I thought I would have an offer by now but seems like the HCA facility I was hoping for is reevaluating it's needs. May have to check into another Travel Company.

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  7. by   RN Zeke
    By all means sign up with several companies out there!!! Do not limit yourself to just one.
  8. by   tlc365
    Hi Travelers!
    I am soo glad I found this post. I am an LPN and going to U of Phoenix for LPN-BSN and dream of travelling after I get my degree and of course the required 1-2 yr Hosp experience for travel. I can't wait to do this and get bored at one place for too long so I know travelling is for me. My husband is disabled so nothing really to tie us down. I think RVing is most def. THE way to go. I would like to know if any one has problems with assignments at "unsafe" facilities and trouble with poor working conditions and how do you deal with this as a traveller?
    The days are counting down. Spoke with the person buying my house yesterday and plan on taking a trip next weekend to close the deal. Will have a nice "down payment" to work with on my RV purchase. Have looked on the Internet and have visited all of the RV dealers in this area (Orem, UT) and have narrowed down the choices. My top choice is the KZ Escalade. There is one here and one in Iowa. They are pretty close to the same layout with a 10 foot garage, but the one in Utah has the Generator already installed and has a satellite dish. The prices are close to the same as far as base but I haven't had the Iowa dealer figure in the extras yet. The other options are one of the Weekend Warrior models that I have seen in Florida and there are several here in Utah. The problem is WW is out of business. These are new units marked as 2009's. The dealer (Salesman) say's "You don't have to worry about the warranty. We will cover anything that is covered under the warranty." The price is quite a bit lower than the KZ but they are not as "High end" as the KZ. No Corian counter, no individual front leveling jacks, electric rear stabilizing jacks and wind sensor awning. I realize you "get what you pay for" but I like to "pay the least for the most value".

    Still don't have a job in Florida, but my recruiter says "the hospital will be interviewing next week. Good Luck." Have been hearing that there are tons of submissions for a few pounds of needs. Hopefully they will fondly remember me (I was there a couple years ago). Might give someone a call just to bring my name to the front of peoples minds.

    Thanks for any replies. It helps just writing these things down, but the comments, advice and critique is twice as good.

  10. by   housemomma
    Here a few websights that I have used traveling purposes as well as questions regarding Rv'ing

    Couple of interesting websight for the RV'ers

    RV Forum
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    The house is sold , and I made an offer on the Toyhauler that I liked. Sort of "Low Ball" offer hoping that I could get a better price, but apparently offended the owner. He said they would call me later with a counter offer or response and I have yet to hear from them. I have to leave this coming Friday, so I can't wait much longer. Took a longer look at my second choice yesterday and will place an offer on it Monday if I don't get a call from #1. It's a year older and a bit smaller. Believe I can save $$ on it, but may have to trade up in a few years. #1 I think I could keep for the 10 years I hope to continue traveling. Posted a video on You Tube if anyone wants to see. Will try and upload a couple photos with this note.


    guess I'm tech challenged this morning and can't get the photos to show.
  12. by   HeavensNurse
    Hello! And HELP!!!

    I am living fulltime in my 38 foot Class A (only one month), have left my fulltime job. Am on my way to FL (Fort Myers area) for the winter (December 15-April 15) and so far no Travel Nursing assignments! Any ideas? I need to work. I am new to this, and I know RNs get bonuses for referrals. Help me, please.... I already have a site. Now I need the job. I just found this post today and have read the entire thing. I am so fortunate to have found it. You all are wonderful! Any ideas are greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  13. by   gradRN2007
    call davita, they always need dialysis nurses..........and check out the employment section of nurses2008 magazine
    goood luck hope that helps, we stayed at the groves rv site in ft, myers and its the best, if you have a dog check out camp bow wow there for day care and boarding, they are wonderful