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I just turned 60 years old and am in good health. I am a neonatal ICU nurse with 35 years of experience. I have a BSN plus a number of years of graduate school. I have been traveling for 5 years. I... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    Quote from brandy1017
    So did you quit working over an injury or illness and than they tried to deny you your pension? But once you got a lawyer you were able to get it reinstated. I've heard of older workers being let go on pretexts and always wondered if you lose your pension?
    It depends on the contract and how crappy the facility wants to be and how hard you are willing to or can afford to fight.
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    Quote from lawandaluxnurse
    Nursing jut sucks these days not other way to say it
    Can I have an AMEN!!!!
  3. by   caliotter3
    I had negative incidents concerning age when I was in my early 40's, so I would have to say it is quite possible that you are being treated this way because of your age, but I would chalk it up to other factors first. Unless you find out the reason, you will have to assume they found someone else that they preferred.
  4. by   adoula
    Thanks to all of you for your input. I cannot reply to the very helpful private message someone left for me. I live in beautiful Lexington, Ky and am retired from the major teaching hospital here. I saw an opportunity for one of those positions that the private messager mentioned. It was already filled. I am going to keep in touch with them as I can work a lot from home using my extensive NICU/peds background.

    I did get a call back for an assignment in Va. I am buzzed. I have not been active on this board for quite a while so I must post more to be able to send a private message back.

    To that person who sent the have no idea how much I appreciate your comments. Bless you BIG.
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    Hey adoula, only five more posts and you will be able to reply to PMs!
  6. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    This Sickness leads to working on a floor with 6 nurses with a combined 3 years experience! I have seen it toooooooo often, Nurses should be valued for their awesome experience, they can pay for experience, or Malpractice suits- again- this is sooooooooo sad!
  7. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Thank-you for bringing this to our attention, the more who realize this is a growing problem, the more awareness that can be drawn to the issue.

    Honestly, I had overlooked this happening with racism, sexism, discrimination r/t religion/creed, but didn't realize this was happening. We will all be where you are now, and it's work like your post that will kindle a flame! Thanks again for making this known. I hope you find a position soon where all your skills and experience can be appreciated!
  8. by   P_RN
    No i never quit. I went on long term disablility, Federal law says 6 weeks, but the hospital adds another 6 weeks to the long term. My doctor told me after about 3 weeks I could not return and then I waited the rest of the 12 weeks to see if another position was open. After maybe 5 weeks it had become obvious if I couldn't walk 5 minutes, pick up anything over a sheet of paper or sit longer than 10 minutes I applied for State Disability (hospital workers in this state have the option to choose this retirement plan). When I called state retirement they told me I had been fired!!!!!! 1. I was still on long term disability. 2. I was still getting sick leave checks, the hospital news letter and the credit union statements. That's when my spouse said we were getting a lawyer.

    I didn't have an injury that had little "bright lights and sticky stars around it" I worked a usual night and then only thing I did was help move a bed from a semi to a private room. I'd done it maybe 200-300 times over the years. I went home, went to be, next morning I couldn't move my legs and my left foot was numb. When if finally reached Worker's Compensation hearing, the judge heard several witnesses either lie or say things it was obvious they had no knowledge of how things went. She asked me and all the witnesses to wait in another room and my lawyer said she told them (he and other lawyer) to get this straighend that they had no case and were wasting her time. Then I got social security easily-no lawyer it just takes a long time. And I got disability about 3 months later is a huge check and then a weekly check-it pays some of the bills. I'm happy my husband still had a check coming in.
    I was making about 65k a year and now make about 23 k. But hey gas is a lot lower when you don't travel 100 mi a day 4 days a week